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Justin Marriott (ed.) Paperback Fanatic # 21

Posted by demonik on January 10, 2012

Justin Marriott (ed.) Paperback Fanatic # 21 (January 2012)


Fanatical Thoughts

Fanatical Mail: letters from Bam!!!, Colin Clyne, Andreas Decker, Holger Hasse, Mark Savage, Mike Chivers, Steve Lines, Stephen Sennitt, Stuart Williams, Gary Dobbs, Andy Boot, Kev Demant, Nigel Taylor

Justiin Marriott – Bounding From the Thirties! The Corinth regency reprints of The Phantom Detective and Dr Death, plus Corinth Checklist.

Rob Matthews – Gold Medal’s Golden Age. Part 1 of a definitive A-Z

Andreas Decker – 50 years of Rhodan- a celebration of pulp astronaut Perry Rhodan’s 50th birthday

Andrew Myers – TNT “the overlooked and demented men’s adventure series”

James Doig – Frank Bernier: A Forgotten Australian Paperback Artist.

Abraham Merritt cover gallery- examples from around the world

Paperback Dungeon: Johnny Mains on John Burke (1922-1911)
Review of Hip Pocket Sleaze
Graham Andrews – Fit To Be Tied (new column devoted to film novelisations)
John Kenney – Glorious Trash (regular column)

For further details, orders, etc, visit Fanatic HQ – and do it soon!

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Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel

Posted by demonik on October 27, 2011

Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel   (NEL, April 1976 )

A wave of sickening murders hits the streets of Paris. The bodies of beautiful women are being found, almost casually, in rivers or up back alleys, by passers-by. The corpses have been killed and mutilated with a brutality that rivals Jack the Ripper. Claude Delorme, of the special branch of Paris Sûret, faces growing pressure to solve these crimes as panic mounts daily among the Parisians.

But he is faced by a baffling lack of clues and suspects. After many false starts and near disaster he at last stumbles upon what seems to be the trail, yet it leads him to the twilight world of the supernatural. Those who dabble with the Occult he finds, are now playing with human lives. Against the shadow of menace that threatens not only Delorme, but the whole of Paris, police methods are useless. It can only be dealt with on its own terms.

Thanks to Sara of the very beautiful My Love Haunted Heart blog for providing cover scan, blurb and a super review.

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Stephen King – Salem’s Lot (1981: TV Movie Tie in)

Posted by demonik on October 19, 2011

Stephen King – Salem’s Lot  (NEL, 1981)

Salem's Lot

We’ve already had a couple of editions of this, but here’, for little better reason than I like the cover, the TV Movie tie-in edition from 1981 when vampires were still OK.

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George R. R. Martin – The Armageddon Rag

Posted by demonik on October 5, 2011

George R. R. Martin – The Armageddon Rag     (NEL, 1984)

A band, a legend, a generation had died that packed, apocalyptic night in 1971.
Sixty thousand had seen it happen, live on stage: the sniper’s bullet that had smashed into the lead singer’s head, dropped him dead. The Sixties Summer of Love had finally been killed off by a person or persons unknown and never found.

But now, ten years after, someone was pushing the remnants of the band back on the road again.

Tension-wrought and snarling, they were nerving themselves for a re-run of that last fatal tour through the hate-ridden heart of Amerika. While Jamie Lynch, who’d first found them and made them and grown fat on their success, lay spreadeagled back East, ritually cut down nd murdered.

Only Sandy Blair, well worn down into journalistic respectability, caught the crazed jingle-jangle echoes of some risen-again Manson Messiah. Only Sandy, tormented by electric night-time visions of flame-lit horror, knew that the bright, ungrieving Angel of Death waited out on the highway hitching a ride to Armageddon.

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Felice Picano – The Mesmerist

Posted by demonik on July 14, 2011

Felice Picano – The Mesmerist   (New English Lbrary, 1978)

David M Allister

“From page one, the reader is pulled into the horror of minds in jeopardy. A gripping, well-written tale.” Mary Higgins Clark, author of Where Are the Children?

Few paid much heed when Frederick Dinsmore slipped into town, took shabby rooms and set out his sign promising ‘Anti-Septic and Painless Dentistry’. They little dreamed that Dinsmore’s uncanny skill as a dental surgeon concealed his true — and far more sinister — art. Nor did they suspect that the handsome stranger with the dazzling smile and diamond blue stare was in command of an irresistible power that held the town’s richest man in its thrall.

Until the night Henry Lane hanged himself. The year was 1899, the season Sprlng, and the Mesmerist’s reign had begun. For Henry Lane left a fortune, a cryptic note proclaiming himself ruined — and a young wife, Carrie, too beautiful, too rich to remain a widow. Gradually, Dinsmore took over her wealth, her body, her mind, and when his lust for power grew there were others in the town he could manipulate. Outraged by Dinsmore’s influence, and his wicked hold over Carrie Lane, one man, James Ransom, determined to bring the Mesmerist to trial – only to find himself pitched against a terifying force of evil that would not be denied.

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