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‘Leslie McManus’ – Jackboot Girls

Posted by demonik on October 6, 2009

‘Leslie McManus’ – Jackboot Girls (New English Library, March 1971)




Hitler’s edict of “breed for Germany” went unheeded by the Wolverines. They had more brutal plans for their lithe and smouldering bodies. They wanted total victory over men.

The Wolverines belonged to an all-female S.S. battalion which operated according to the sexual, obsessions of its leader, Helga Schwartz. They were notorious interro­gators whose authority to enforce their perversions went unchallenged by their cowering victims. With their women prisoners they were sadistically inventive. With each other they were uninhibited. With men they were vile, crazed, uncontrollable.

JACKBOOT GIRLS brings to light the dark depravity that was Nazi Germany

Grief! well, it’s certainly HORRIBLE. see also Vault Of Evil’s Jackboot Girls thread

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Paperback Fanatic 11

Posted by demonik on August 21, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Fanatic #11 (August, 2009)



Fanatical Mail – Paperback fanatics from around the world have their say!
AGRO! – The Fanatic continues its look at Hell’s Angels pulps
Thirty Years Behind The Typewriter – Classic Steve Holland interview with versatile author Peter Leslie
I’ve Been Up So Long – Fanatic interviews publishing maverick Mark Howell. The NEL editor’s reminiscences of life with Laurence James, Jim Moffatt, Peter Haining, Bob Tanner & Co.
The Lives And Loves Of James Moffatt – Fanatic investigates the many pen-names of Richard ‘Skinhead’ Allen
Take A Journey to Dimension X – The Fanatic studies the ‘Jeffrey Lord’ sword and sorcery series Blade
A Green Dog Trumpeting – The Fanatic interviews Ian Miller one of the most idiosyncratic and distinctive of all paperback artists whose work includes The Sucking Pit, Errol LeCale’s Zombie, and the striking covers for the Panther reprints of Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness and The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward.

Edited by Justin Marriott :
Designed by Glenn B Fleming :
Published August 2009: contact

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James Moffatt – The Naked Light

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2009

James Moffatt – The Naked Light (New English Library, October, 1970)



A Satanic coven meets on the affluent slopes of Beverley Hills. The participants in the abominable rites are the biggest names in Hollywood.

An uninvited guest appears at the height of the drug-inspired orgy – a Mafia killer who really enjoys his work.

The police attempt to solve the enigma of the multiple murder – through a maze of black magic, torture and sudden death. An appalling exposure of the soft underside of Hollywood.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan and blurb.

See also The Naked Light thread on Vault of Evil.

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Richard Allen – Boot Boys

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2009

Richard Allen [James Moffat] – Boot Boys (New English Library, 1971)

Boot Boys!

Boot Boys!


Tom grinned, bringing his fist down with a chopping motion on the back of the United fan’s neck. He felt the blow jar his muscles. He kicked as the man slumped.

Then the boot went in – hard. Muffled moans lost themselves in the frantic chanting from the terraces.

“Boot Boys! Boot Boys!”

I know! I know! An ugly Richard Allen agro novel was not what you were hoping to find when you typed ‘black magic, horror, paperback’ into your search engine, and i’d be a mug to suggest this is another The Devil Rides Out, but¬† – bear with me.

Only 110 pages and still it requires considerable fortitude on the part of the reader to see this one through. The casual racism of these books is pretty damned hard to read around, and the gang-rape of a Jewish woman – made all the more appalling by having her confess her guilty enjoyment of same to a crusading journalist – doesn’t make this an easy book to like.

Anyway, the first seventy-five pages are devoted to the misadventures of The Crackers, a teeny gang from privileged backgrounds who follow Arsenal F. C. When they’re not bashing men and molesting women, the gang devote their free time to drinking Haig in their clubhouse and a variety of pubs on Hampstead Heath (The Spaniards, Jack Straw’s Castle and The Bull & Bush get a namecheck. We even learn that Tom smokes Consulate).

And then …. it takes a turn for the weird.

There’s a power-struggle going on between head Cracker, Tom Walsh, and his would-be usurper, Benjy, and their attempts to sort out who’s the hardest become increasingly desperate. Just as things are getting a bit monotonous, Tom remembers that he’s been interested in Aleister Crowley for years and decides that Black Magic is the answer to all the Crackers’ problems, otherwise they’re just a bunch of skinheads with hair. So Tom has his friends invade the local cemetery – yes, Highgate, our old friend from Tales From The Crypt and many a ‘seventies horror movie – where they disinter a corpse, orgy in the grave, desecrate the church and chant weird spells.

Admittedly, this comes too late in the book for the author to do anything with it as, next thing you know, it transpires that Tom’s brain has short-circuited due to excessive violence and Boot Boy is abruptly terminated before you can say ‘nervous breakdown’.

This brief foray into the world of Satanism evidently gave Moffat a taste for the subject as he would soon knock off a pair of quite astonishing horror novels under the chilling nom de plume ‘Etienne Aubin’ …..

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Etienne Aubin – Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead

Posted by demonik on May 13, 2009

Etienne Aubin – Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead (NEL, 1974)

Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead

Peribury, Wiltshire.

It begins with the staking of local girl Maud Henderson. Before she died, Maud had been seen in the company of a mysterious stranger in a cloak. At night.

After her burial, two sheep are found with their throats torn out. They’ve been completely drained of blood!

The narrator, Adam Cochran, the village squire, decides to take a break from drinking Seagrams 100 Pipers, and sends for his boorish, proto-Hooray Henry friends, Staff and Douglas. They call themselves ‘the Warlocks’ and God, but I so wanted them to hurry up and die horribly. After consuming several more cases of Seagrams 100 Pipers, they decide the recent goings on are in some way connected to a blood cult who’ve been performing satanic rituals at Avebury stones. Cochran enlists a psychic to help him track Dracula and his eight brides to their lair … but can she be trusted?

If you ever wanted to find out what would happen if Richard Allen turned his hand to hacking out a vampire novel, then reading this one will probably be akin to a religious experience for you. Me, I found it hard going (quite an achievement: it’s only 124 pages long) and there definitely should have been more of the brides. I quite liked them. Apart from the cat, they were the most sympathetic characters. And I f**king hated the cat.

Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead thread on Vault Of Evil

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