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M. E. Knerr – Sasquatch

Posted by demonik on May 13, 2009

M. E. Knerr – Sasquatch (Nel, Dec. 1978)


Out there in the snowy silence of the woods a monster was on the prowl, a massive, hairy creature nearly ten feet tall, with terrible hooked claws and eyes like burning coals. Sasquatch, Big Foot – their names meant the same thing.

The first body they found had no head, and the others were even more horribly mutilated. Finally, a loner named Russ McChord loaded his rifle and went after the Sasquatch.
It was man against monster in a fight to the finish

Promising. Very promising. This one also scores by including one of those ‘Trash Pulp 101’s we overlooked, the author’s warning that, although its a work of fiction, IT COULD ALL COME HORRIBLY TRUE.

This book is designed to show what COULD conceivably happen in the Pacific Northwest through carelessness. Searches are presently being conducted into the country to attempt to solve the enigma of the Bigfoot, or sasquash, which apparently does exist. My intention is not to throw stones, but to portray a chain of events that could create a monster out of a normally timid and gentle giant.

Thanks to Jerrylad

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