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Nick Sharman – The Surrogate

Posted by demonik on June 7, 2013

Nick Sharman – The Surrogate    (NEL, Nov 1981/ NAL 1980)


The old man was dying. Shivering; rug-wrapped, his body wasted, the limbs already skeletal. His room was filled with the sweetly nauseating smell of decay.
Money he had had, ambition, power, intelligence and an icy determination. Always others had been bent to his will. Now these things would no longer serve. But one thing more he had.


An absolute hatred of the one person who had defied him in his life. And now the power of that hatred would allow him to stretch out from beyond the grave and seek to destroy. The victim: his own grandson. A child.

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Nick Sharman – The Cats

Posted by demonik on October 7, 2007

Nick Sharman – The Cats (Nel, 1977)

The Cats

Inglis (an all-action hero with no respect for “the establishment” direct from the James Herbert school) has taken his old University lecturer’s experiments with bacteria to heart and decided to continue them in his makeshift lab in Paddington. He leaves his infected cats to be looked after by  bullied schoolkid Mark while he pays a visit to his mentor, Prof. Bertram Vole – the man who abandoned this line of research a few years earlier after something awful happened. Vole nearly has a stroke when Inglis tells him what he’s been up to, but composes himself and reassures his pupil that things will be fine as long as he doesn’t subject his charges to extreme heat.

Meanwhile, back in Paddington, as London undergoes the biggest heatwave in it’s history …

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