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P. McCartney – Who Sups With The Devil?

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

P. McCartney –  Who Sups With The Devil?   (NEL 1975) Who Sups With The Devil?

Really enjoyed this one, literally from start to finish. It’s got a great opening scene, with Sister Mary Clare hearing a strange noise in the dark. On investigating she sees a figure which she initially thinks is another nun, but…

“…then it turned around to face the light… With a scream that shattered the silence and sent echoes ringing throughout the old castle, she sank unconscious to the floor and the crucifix and the torch clinked and clattered across the stone flags, for the face that looked out from beneath the black habit was the face of death. Wild staring lidless eyes in a mask of decay.”

The story takes place in and around Pwll Castle in Wales, now home to a community of nuns who also run a boarding school for girls. Strange things have been seen and heard in the castle but it isn’t until the murder of one of the nuns that the Police are called in. Detective Inspector Bob March and his assistant Sergeant John Fitzgerald of Scotland Yard don’t like being in the wilds of Wales and DI Bob doesn’t have much time for the supernatural either.

It isn’t long before there is evidence of a Black Mass being held in the crypt of the castle, another body turns up, the mysterious cowled figure makes regular appearances and a strange black dog is seen around the castle walls. There are also secret tunnels and a dodgy Doctor with an exotic and beautiful wife.

Very enjoyable read with a good strong ending (which I won’t spoil).

Anyone know anything about the writer? It can’t be Paul McBeatle can it?

Reviewed by Nightreader of Vault

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