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Stephen King – Salem’s Lot

Posted by demonik on October 6, 2009

Stephen King – Salem’s Lot (New English Library, 1991)


Thousands of miles away from the small township of ‘Salem’s Lot, two terrified people still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree-lined streets.
One is an eleven-year-old boy. He never speaks but his eyes betray the indescribable horror he has witnessed.
The other is a man plagued by nightmares, a man who knows that soon he and the boy must return Jo ‘Salem’s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town where no one is human anymore …
`One of the few horror writers who can truly make the flesh creep’ – Sunday Express

Very dull, i know, but to keep this tub afloat while i await hundreds of new old  NEL’s to fall out of the sky at me, here’s a 17th impression of  Stephen King’s much loved vampire epic. And there’s a blurb!

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Richard Bachman – Thinner

Posted by demonik on August 10, 2009

Richard Bachman – Thinner (New English Library, 1986)



THINNER – the old gipsy man barely whispered the word. Billy felt the touch of a withered hand, gentle on his cheek.
Billy Halleck, prosperous if overweight citizen, happily married, shuddered, then turned angrily away. The old woman’s death had been none of his fault. The court had  cleared him. She’d just stumbled in front of his car. Now he simply wanted to forget the whole messy business.

Later, when the scales told him he was losing weight, it was what the doctor had ordered. His wife was pleased – as he should have been.

THINNER -the word, the old man’s curse, had lodged in his mind like a fattening worm, eating away at his flesh, at his reason. And with his despair came violence.

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Stephen King – The Tommyknockers

Posted by demonik on July 14, 2009

Stephen King – The Tommyknockers (New English Library, 1989)



Everything was familiar but everything hod changed. The people, his old friend Bobbi, even her decrepit, ageing beagle.

Coming back to the little community had been like walking into a nightmare.

It all looked the same, the house, the furniture, Bobbi herself, the woods out at the back.

But it was in the woods that she had stumbled over the odd, nearly buried object, had felt a peculiar tingle as she knelt down and brushed the soft earth away.

And looking back, that had been the start of  the terrible, terrifying transformation of a quiet, unremarkable place into something utterly alien and hideous. A place of unrest and insane powers.

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Stephen King – Needful Things

Posted by demonik on June 26, 2009

Stephen King – Needful Things (New English Library, 1992)


There was a new shop in town.
Run by a stranger.
Needful Things, the sign said. The oddest name. A name that caused some gossip and speculation among the good folks of Castle Rock, Maine,
while they waited for opening day.

Eleven-year-old Brian Rusk was the first customer and be got just what he wanted, a very rare 1956 Sandy Koufax baseball card. Signed.

Cyndi Rose Martin was next. A Lalique vase. A perfect match for her living room decor.

Something for everyone.
Something you really had to have.
And always at a price you could just about afford. The cash price that is.
Because there was another price.
There always is when your heart’s most secret, true desire is for sale …..

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Underwood & Miller – Kingdom Of Fear

Posted by demonik on June 26, 2009

Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller (eds.) – Kingdom Of Fear: The World Of Stephen King (New English Library, 1987)


There’s only one way to really understand fear ….

Eighteen unique insights into the fastest-selling authhor of horror today.

Essays by celebrated critics and master horror novelists on the leading writer of the 80s.

What ten things scare Stephen King The Most?

Who first found out Richard Bachman was really Stephen King?

Why does Andrew Greelry think King’s horror has a healing power?

Why has King sold more books than there are people in Britain?


A fascinating, frightening and unforgettable collection of amazing facts about Stephen King.

Read it now. Before the nightmares come ….

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