Your Daily NEL: New English Library

Cheap and Nasty Seventies Horror Pulp

* Nel Horror 1980-89


David J Michael – Death Tour
James Herbert – The Dark
Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons
Raymond Hawley – Side Effect
Lawrence Huff – Dome
Michael R. Linaker – Scorpion
Nick Sharman – The Surrogate
Richard Laymon – The Cellar
Guy N. Smith – Caracal
Leo Callan – Black Sapphire
Felice Picano – The Mesmerist
Stephen King – The Stand
Kenneth Rayner Johnson – The Succubus
Guy N. Smith – Thirst
Denys Val Baker (ed.) – Haunted Cornwall (NEL/Cornish Tourist Board)
Stephen King – Nel Horror Gift Pack: The Stand/ The Shining.


James Herbert – The Jonah
Thomas Luke – Phobia
Guy N. Smith – Wolfcurse
Michael R. Linaker – The Touch Of Hell
Jory Sherman – Vampire
Hugh C Rae – The Haunting At Waverley Falls
Guy N. Smith – Crabs On The Rampage
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro – Hotel Transylvania
Chelsea Quinn Yarbo – The Palace
Larry Miller – Inseminoid
Guy N. Smith – Warhead


Richard Laymon – Out Are The Lights
Michael R. Linaker – Scorpion: Second Generation
Chauncey G. Parker – The Visitor
F. Paul Wilson – The Keep
John G. Jones – The Amityville Horror: Part II
Frank De Felitta – For Love of Audrey Rose
John Russo – Midnight
Guy N. Smith – Sabat 1 : The Graveyard Vultures
Guy N. Smith – Sabat 2 : The Blood Merchants
Guy N. Smith – Sabat 3 : Cannibal Cult
Robert Hughes – Strange Behaviour
Colin Wilson – Poltergeiest! A Study Of Destructive Haunting * (non-fiction)


Stephen King – Pet Sematary
James Herbert – Shrine
Bob Randall – The Calling
Eric Ericson – Master Of The Temple
Guy N. Smith – Blood Circuit
Guy N. Smith – Sabat 4 : The Druid Connection
Guy N. Smith – The Undead
Guy N. Smith – Accursed
Richard Bachman – The Running Man
Laurence James – The Road
Lisa Tuttle – Familiar Spirit
John Russo – Night Of The Living Dead
Jack Martin – Videodrome
Richard Bachman (Stephen King) – Rage


John Farris – The Uninvited
John G. Jones – Amityville 3: The Final Chapter
John McNeil – Little Brother
Richard Laymon – Night Show
Nick Sharman – The Switch
John Hyde – The Devil’s Kiss
Stephen King – Christine
Laurence James – Paradise Lost
Raymond Hawley – It
Guy N. Smith – Crabs’ Moon
Guy N. Smith – The Walking Dead


James Herbert – Domain
James Herbert – Moon
Stephen King – Cycle Of The Werewolf
Jack Shackleford – The Source
Frank DeFelitta – Golgotha Falls
John Farris – Minotaur
Guy N. Smith – The Wood
Richard Laymon – Beware
Guy N. Smith – Throwback


Richard Laymon – Allhallows Eve
F. Paul Wilson – The Tomb
Guy N. Smith – The Neophyte
Gregory A. Douglas – The Unholy Smile
Guy N. Smith – Snakes
Richard Laymon – The Beast House
J. R. Lowell – Secrets
Stephen King  – The Bachman Books
Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) – Thinner


James Herbert – Sepulchre
James Herbert – The Magic Cottage
Stephen King – IT
John Farris – Nightfall
Stephen Gallagher – Valley of Lights
Guy N. Smith – Thirst 2 : The Plague
Gerald Suster – The Handyman


Daniel Rhodes – Next, After Lucifer
Stephen King – Misery
Guy N. Smith – Crabs : The Human Sacrifice


Joe R. Lansdale – The Drive-In
Daniel Rhodes – Adversary
James Herbert – Haunted
Robert Forward – The Owl
Stephen Gallagher – Down River
Stephen Gallagher – Oktober
Stephen King – The Tommyknockers

Listing compiled by members of Vault Of Evil

We make no claims to this listing being anything like comprehensive, so if you can fill in any of the blanks please do!

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