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Cheap and Nasty Seventies Horror Pulp

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New English Library '70's classics. Thanks to Dr. Terror for the ad.

New English Library '70's classics. Thanks to Dr. Terror for the ad.

Welcome to your Daily NEL, an illustrated bibliography in progress, no less, the objects of our attention being the New English Library and Four Square paperbacks of the 1960’s and ’70’s.

To begin with, i’m concentrating on the horrors with a pinch of Black Magic & Witchcraft non-fiction thrown in. Depending on how we go, we might branch out into other genres once the blood and guts dries up, but that won’t be happening for a while.

Several people contributed to this site-blog via the NEL section of the Vault forums old and new, the bulk of the material used here coming in a frenzied burst of activity during our early days. The threads The Nel Horror Reviews and Nel Horrors: How Many? in particular reveal who was the real driving force behind all this stuff, and it certainly wasn’t me, so it seems only right to dedicate this to those who diid the cover scanning, blurb supplying, list-compiling, review providing graft. Primary among them:

Franklin Marsh, A. C. Mason, Steve Goodwin, Adrian Salmon, Rob Matthews, Andy Veasey, Jeremy Good, Andy Boot, Justin Marriott, Funkdooby, H. P. Saucecraft, Charles Black, Bushwick,  Andreas Decker,  Sara, Curt Purcell, George Barnes, Roger Pile.

* it’s not my fault if …….. girls don’t read NELs ? *

special thanks to chrissie for allowing me permission to reproduce her artwork.

More names to follow should i be able to persuade them that appearing on here is the massive break they’ve been waiting for.

Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Peter Haining

2 Responses to “About/ Special thanks to”

  1. * it’s not my fault if …….. girls don’t read NELs ? *

    Erm, I’m a girl and I did read quite alot of NEL’s and am now selling most of them on my site if you’re interested. I’ve also got an early version of Salem’s Lot, reprinted by Hodder & Stoughton, the fifteenth impression of an NEL 1977 edition and can’t find any for sale to estimate it’s value, I don’t suppose you could advise me on that please?

    Carla Calamity

    • demonik said

      hi carla – nice to hear from you

      i’m about as much cop on prices as i am on what girls read. get most of my NEL’s from TYPE in Bethnal Green where prices range from around £3-15 depending on condition/ rarety etc – most of my friends see those prices as very fair. abeb**ks and the like want the skin off your back.

      uh, a few threads on our forum might be of interest to you.

      vampy crew
      Carla Calamity has risen from the grave

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