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Alfred Hitchcock (Peter Haining) – Meet Death At Night

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock (Peter Haining) – Meet Death At Night & Other Tales Of Terror   (Four Square, May 1967)

Alfred Hitchcock Meet Death At Night

Clark Howard – Keeper Of The Crypt
D. A. Coleman – The Nightmare
C. B. Gifford – Meet Death At Night
Leo R. Ellis – Dead Giveaway
August Derleth – The Amateur Philologist
Pauline K. Prilucik – Mirror, Mirror
Ed Lacy – The Black-Eyed Denominator
Hilda Cushing – She Loved Funerals
James M. Gilmore – Avery’s Ghost
Fletcher Flora – For Money Received
Talmage Powell – Drawer 14
Joseph Caida – The 79 Murders Of Martha Hill Gibbs

Whilst reading this book you may notice a quickening of your heart-beat, a slight clamminess in the palms of your hands, a certain dryness in your mouth and a peculiar sensation at the back of your neck.
Dear reader:
You are in the grip of fear!
In this collection Alfred Hitchcock presents stories by C. B. Gifford, August Derleth, Ed Lacy, Clark Howard and other masters of the macabre.

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Alfred Hitchcock – The Late Unlamented

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock [Peter Haining] (ed.) – The Late Unlamented (NEL Four Square 1967)


Jonathan Craig – The Late Unlamented
Arthur Porges – The Telltale Eye
Carroll Mayers – Ghost Of A Chance
Leo R. Ellis – The Madness Machine
C.B. Gilford – A Witch For The Burning
Donald Honig – Haunted Hall
Richard Levinson & William Link – The End Of An Era
Carroll Mayers – Until Death Do Us Part
August Derleth – The China Cottage
Wenzell Brown – Death By Misadventure
Lawrence Block – When this Man Dies
Richard Hardwick – Sheriff Peavy’s Cosa Nostra Caper

‘This collection of stories has been selected by Peter Haining from issues of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine published during the last five years in the USA…’

Thanks to nightreader for providing the scan and contents.

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August Derleth – The Sleeping And The Dead

Posted by demonik on May 21, 2009

August Derleth (ed.) – The Sleeping And The Dead ((Four Square, 1964)

The Sleeping And The Dead

The Sleeping And The Dead

M. R. James – A View from a Hill
August Derleth – Glory Hand
Edith Wharton – The Lady’s Maid’s Bell
Hazel Heald – Out of the Eons
Ray Bradbury – The Jar
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – The Bully of Chapelizod
P. Schuyler Miller – Over the River
Frank Belknap Long – The Ocean Leech
Edward Lucas White – Amina
H. Russell Wakefield – Farewell Performance
Lord Dunsany – The Postman of Otford
Henry Kuttner – Masquerade
Algernon Blackwood – The Doll
William F. Harvey – The Tool
H. P. Lovecraft – The Dreams in the Witch-House

Thanks to James Doig for providing the (very beautiful) cover scan

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Alfred Hitchcock – This Days Evil

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock [Peter Haining] – This Days Evil (Four Square, 1967)

Josh Kirby

Ed Lacy – Lucky Catch
August Derleth – The Story Of The Intarsia Box
Robert Sheckley – Pousse Cafe
Henry Slesar – How To Stop Smoking
Borden Deal – Get-Away
Jack Ritchie – The Travelling Arm
Arthur Porges – The Missing Bow
Hal Ellson – The Pulque Vendor
De Forbes – Flora Africana
Bryce Walton – Never Hang Another
Mann Rubin – The Alibi-Makers
Jonathan Craig – This Day’s Evil
Donald Westlake – The Sound Of Murder
Francis Swann – I Still Scream
Jay Street – The Painless Method
C. B. Gilford – Deduct One Wife
Douglas Campbell – Fiesta Time
Jack Ritchie – Where The Finger Points

Well, there are other books that didn’t inspire me with confidence but turned out OK so who’s to say? The Deleth’s one of his Solar Pons outings and made the Oriental Tales Of Terror anthology but that could well be it for the horror content. Sheckley, Porges and the staggeringly prolific Slesar are all accomplished genre hoppers, equally at home with each, so if they’re writing for something called Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine it’s a fair bet they’ll take the ‘Mystery’ bit as their guideline. Bryce Walton wrote an excellent voodoo story, The Devil Doll, for Dime Mystery which Bill Pronzini happily revived for his Tales Of The Dead monsterpiece (Book Club, 1987).

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Peter Haining – Beyond The Curtain Of The Dark

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Peter Haining – Beyond The Curtain Of The Dark (Four Square, October, 1966: Nel, 1972)


Bruce Pennington

Foreword – Judith Merril
Introduction – Peter Haining

Robert Bloch – Lizzie Borden Took An Axe
Patricia Highsmith – The Snail Watcher
Ambrose Bierce – Chickamauga
Harry Harrison – At Last, The True Story Of Frankenstein
Guy De Maupassant – The Horla
Ray Bradbury – Fever Dream
Theodore Sturgeon – The Other Celia
Edgar Allan Poe – The Oval Portrait
W. C. Morrow – The Monster Maker
Frederic Brown – Come And Go Mad
H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth – The Survivor
H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth – The Ancestor
Mary Shelley – The Mortal Immortal
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment
Henry Kuttner – By These Presents
Henry Slesar – Whosits Disease
Edgar Allan Poe – King Pest
Harold Lawlor – Mayaya’s Little Green Men
F. Marion Crawford – For The Blood Is The Life
Edogawa Rampo – The Human Chair
J. S. Le Fanu – The Fortunes Of Sir Robert Ardagh
Robert Bloch – Return To The Sabbath
Clive Pemberton – The Will Of Luke Carlowe
Isaac Asimov – Eyes Do More Than See

I think the Haining legend really starts picking up momentum with this collection. Other early ones like the same years Where Nightmares Are and The Hell Of Mirrors relied too much upon those classics we all have a billion times over, but this looks like the work of a man who loves, and is widely read in the genre. This is where I first read Bierce’s decidedly non-escapist Chickamauga, a detached account of a war crime and one of the most horrible stories ever written. Maupassant’s The Horla is a coming race story of, literally, insane genius and Edogawa Rampo (say it fast) is kinky-cute in the extreme. Of the Frankenstein variations, W. C. Morrow’s ghastly The Monster Maker just shades it from Harrison’s short ‘n nasty effort.

Four Square edition, cover by Josh Kirby

Four Square edition, cover by Josh Kirby

Thanks to Nightreader for scanning the Four Square cover.

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