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Guy N. Smith – Bamboo Guerillas

Posted by demonik on June 20, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Bamboo Guerillas (New English Library, Sept. 1977)


‘What the hell are you doing here?’ the headman asked. ‘All the British troops have retreated, yet you are heading into Japanese-occupied territory.’

Malaya was about to fall to the Japanese, and a group of nurses had been taken prisoner by the notorious Colonel Sika. Carter knew they faced sadistic torture, even a hideous death. It was up to him and his band of Chinese guerillas to rescue them from Sika’s clutches – but in a hostile jungle where the heat and fever caused nearly as many deaths as the fighting itself. It would be a desperate and bloody struggle.

Another wild card. Not strictly horror fiction, but this exercise in war-pulp-torture-porn is unquestionably horrible enough for most of us. The way Guy N. Smith tells it, Peter Haining encouraged him “to go as far as I could on the sex and violence.” Guy, pro that he is, dutifully obliged.

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