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F. Paul Wilson – The Tomb

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2009

F. Paul Wilson – The Tomb (New English Library, 1986)



In her nightmare she saw first the eyes.

Huge, yellow and infinitely evil, they stared in at her from the outside dark. Stared in through the third storey window.
Then she smelled the thick, cloying stench that had seeped into her room, that now filled her nose, her mouth, choking her with the sweet taste of decay.
Suddenly the glass shattered. Safety bars and then the entire window frame were torn out. Gigantic clawed hands: one clutching at the sill; one reaching out towards her. She saw black, damp-slicked fur, three fingers that tapered to yellowed talons…

She screamed and screamed again. And realised she was wide awake and this was no nightmare.
`A riveting combination of detective story and horror fiction’ – Publishers Weekly

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