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Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel

Posted by demonik on October 27, 2011

Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel   (NEL, April 1976 )

A wave of sickening murders hits the streets of Paris. The bodies of beautiful women are being found, almost casually, in rivers or up back alleys, by passers-by. The corpses have been killed and mutilated with a brutality that rivals Jack the Ripper. Claude Delorme, of the special branch of Paris Sûret, faces growing pressure to solve these crimes as panic mounts daily among the Parisians.

But he is faced by a baffling lack of clues and suspects. After many false starts and near disaster he at last stumbles upon what seems to be the trail, yet it leads him to the twilight world of the supernatural. Those who dabble with the Occult he finds, are now playing with human lives. Against the shadow of menace that threatens not only Delorme, but the whole of Paris, police methods are useless. It can only be dealt with on its own terms.

Thanks to Sara of the very beautiful My Love Haunted Heart blog for providing cover scan, blurb and a super review.

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Francis King – Ritual Magic In England

Posted by demonik on April 29, 2011

Francis King – Ritual Magic In England: 1887 To The Present Day  (NEL, Dec. 1972)


From medieval times to modern day, the practices of magic and alchemy have been in the hands of some of the greatest occultists of our times.
The secret rites and conflicts have remained the sole knowledge of each cult, never to be seen by the outside world.
Now Francis King relates those secrets and conflicts, including the struggles of Aleister Crowley and W.B. Yeats within the infamous Order of The Golden Dawn; the goat-sacrificing mediums of Keighley, the left-handed Bengali Tantricists and the sexual magic of an American Mulatto.

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Justin Marriott – A Visual Guide To New English Library

Posted by demonik on November 11, 2010

Justin Marriott (ed.) – A Visual Guide To New English Library: Volume One (Nov. 2010)

British Publisher New English Library are a legend amongst vintage paperback fans and collectors throughout the world.

Their cult output is celebrated in the first of an ongoing series of visual guides from the producers of The Paperback Fanatic magazine.

Volume one is crammed with full colour reproductions of rare covers. The glorious visuals are accompanied by insightful commentary and full bibliographical detail, including previously unrecorded information on pseudonyms.

more details on Vault Of Evil Forum:

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Robert Goldston – Satan’s Disciples

Posted by demonik on April 26, 2010

Robert Goldston – Satan’s Disciples (NEL, 1969 reprint of 1962 US Ballantine)

Thanks to Justin Marriott of Paperback Fanatic for the cover scan. Justin also reminds us that “Motif of stained-glass window frame and cowled monks also used for Hellfire Club, Bloody Countess, Hellfire Today and at least one other NEL horror title”

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Daniel Rhodes – Adversary

Posted by demonik on January 15, 2010

Daniel Rhodes – Adversary (New English Library, 1989)


Daniel Rhodes presents us with  something more than a horror novel, skilfully blending centuries-old black magic into a modern setting.
In NEXT, AFTER LUCIFER, the undead spirit of Guilhelm de Courdeval, a medieval French Templar rumoured to have sold his soul to Satan, rose from centuries of imprisonment to possess an American college professor who probed too deeply into the legend of Courdeval’s occult powers and evil deeds.
Now, in ADVERSARY Courdeval resurfaces in San Francisco and resumes his career in the service of the Adversary, the enemy of mankind. Posing as a spiritual teacher, he extends his influence over four young Americans who all want something just beyond their reach. Lawyer Nicole Patrick is attractive and single – but the man she loves treats her like a sister. Spencer Epps has a sexy mistress and a rich father-in-law – but he’s been dipping into the till to support his illicit love life and cocaine habit, and things are closing in on him. Charity Haverill wants revenge on a lover who jilted her. And Robbie Kinsella is hungry for knowledge of the occult.

By offering seemingly harmless fulfilment of these desires, Courdeval elaborately seduces his “students” into joining him in the service of evil — until they find out, too late, the price they must pay for what they have received.

Meanwhile, Courdeval plays a sinister cat and mouse game with the only people who know the truth of his origin: the French priest Etien Boudrie and the housewife Melusine Devarre, gifted with second sight.

ADVERSARY is a chilling tale of desperation, revenge, and black magic.

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