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Alexander Peters – The Devil in Suburbia

Posted by demonik on October 26, 2020

Alexander Peters – The Devil in Suburbia (NEL, April 1972)


They reject all that is good and honourable; For the Devil Worshippers any ends justify the means.
There is complete abandon under the watchful eye of the horned devil; a revival of the pagan tradition of glorifying evil for debased personal satisfaction.

Look at the man sitting opposite you in the railway carriage; look at the faces who pass in the street; look at your next-door neighbours — they could be the Brothers and Sisters of Midnight.

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Daniel P. Mannix – The Hell Fire Club

Posted by demonik on October 22, 2009

Daniel P. Mannix – The Hell Fire Club (Four Square, 1961, reprinted 1962; originally Ballantine, 1959)


The rise and fall of a shocking secret society;
perversion and politics were its sole interests

It was the most infamous club the world has ever known.
Its meetings were held in ruined abbeys and elaborately obscene caves
Its member were high-placed politicians, landed gentry and famous men of the arts.

Its orgies and revels rocked the nation and caused the biggest riot in British history.
The story of the Hell-Fire Club. A story which has fascinated and repelled the world for two centuries.

See also the Daniel P. Maddix and Hell Fire Club threads on the Vault Of Evil forum

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Robert Lory – The Witching Of Dracula

Posted by demonik on June 6, 2009

Robert Lory – The Witching Of Dracula (New English Library, 1977)


When the blood countess returns, even Dracula is filled with horror!


One afternoon a fine, strong young man named Janos strayed too far into the solemn hills above his tiny Hungarian village. Suddenly he came upon an ancient castle, a dark, mysterious place where, according to legend, a young woman had been murdered many years before.

Venturing down into the cavernous dungeons, Janos discovered the legendary bed chamber. If the stories were true… this was the place! The place where Elizabeth Bathory had been walled up to die!

Then he saw it. A small skeleton crumpled before a massive iron gateway. Was it Elizabeth Bathory? Fighting a desire to turn and run, Janos crept past the bleached bones to the inner chamber. There, in the center of the room, was a huge, dust-covered glass box.

Trembling, he wiped the dust away. His eyes widened with horror. Inside was the body of a beautiful naked woman!

The fifth of nine novels in the original Pinnacle series (NEL only reprinted six) sees Dracula reunited with his old sparring partner, Elizabeth Bathory, the ex-Bloody Countess who has since reinvented herself as a psychic sponge and is out to destroy the old count!

Who did the NEL covers for the Dracula Returns series? This, the first and Drums look to have something of the Bruce Pennington about them …

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Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons (Nel, Jan 1980)


Andrew Jarvis found her unconscious, her naked body horribly scarred with bites and scratches, and all the marks of violent sexual abuse. He was drawn like a moth to a flame but it was not she who was the victim – it was Andrew.

Before he knew it he was under her spell, plunged unwillingly into a world of ritual and demonic evil. For she was one of the Apart, a woman who drew her terrible power from the devils themselves, a woman who slept with demons …

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