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John Farris – When Michael Calls

Posted by demonik on June 17, 2009

John Farris – When Michael Calls (New English Library, 1970)


“How could a series of phone calls… terrorize an entire community and lead to murder? Well, for one thing, because Michael Young was supposed to have died sixteen years ago. Who was calling then? Was it some fiendish prank, perhaps one of the boys from the nearby school for disturbed children? To Helen Connelly it seemed uncannily like the voice of the nephew she remembered so well. Besides, this Michael, whoever or whatever he might be, knew things about her that only the real Michael could have known!”

Thanks to Calenture  for the cover scan &
Steve Goodwin for the blurb

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Daniel P. Mannix – The History Of Torture

Posted by demonik on June 10, 2009

Daniel P. Mannix – The History Of Torture (New English Library, 1970)


Non-fiction account of barbarity through the ages, something of a favourite theme of Mr. Mannix it seems. Can’t tell you much about it beyond that it shares a cover illustration with Paperback Library’s 1967 edition of Peter Saxon’s thrilling film-crew-in-peril novel, The Torturer!

Thanks to Calenture for providing the cover scan.

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