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David Gurney – The Conjurers

Posted by demonik on June 6, 2009

David Gurney – The Conjurers (New English Library, 1973)



Even a quiet respectable seaside town like Westport can have its suspicions and shameful secrets. When the Seamew sank so many years ago it was whispered that the mysterious clairvoyant, Madame Jo, had something to do with it after all, the hull was never recovered, and her husband, the skipper, was drowned. And she remarried again so soon…

But when a new generation began to take an interest in the powers she claimed she had, and tried to invoke the powers of darkness for their own selfish ends, what had first begun as a party game, a conjuring trick, suddenly became all too real.

Here is a powerful novel revealing the lengths to which men will go when stripped bare of civilisation’s veneer.

Thanks to severance and Steve for the cover scans

colour recreation: Bill Taylor, photograph: Adrian Mott

colour recreation: Bill Taylor, photograph: Adrian Mott

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