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Michael R. Linaker – The Touch of Hell

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2020

Michael R. Linaker – The Touch of Hell  (NEL, 1981)

 David McAllister


Winter wasn‘t gripping the village of Shepthorne so much as strangling it with a blanket of snow and Arctic temperatures. A massive pile up on frozen roads … A fireball of exploding petrol as a truck collided with a tanker in the garage forecourt. then from the sky, a huge military transport with its cargo of devastation crashed through the village, Hell was just beginning to touch Shepthorne …. 

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Peter Haining – The Hero

Posted by demonik on November 11, 2010

Peter Haining – The Hero (Nel, Nov. 1978: originally Nel, 1975)

David McAllister

David McAllister

The place and the threat is China. The weapon is nuclear and deadly!

In the secret organizations that operate behind every government the fear is – how to eliminate the weapon without shattering the balance of power between East and West.

Richard Soulgrove is the man chosen for the mission. Aged 31, shy, anonymous, undistinguished in any field except that he can speak Chinese. He is taken from his peaceful existence as a civil servant and thrust into a long and dangerous assignment. An assignment where he has to learn to play the Hero. To develop the capacity for killing, and to learn how to live with the shadow of constant fear and imminent death.

As famously not written by Peter Haining at all but Terry Harknett. The original and only edition i’ve seen prior to this has a cover photo depicting a bandaged ninja.

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Guy N. Smith – Bamboo Guerillas

Posted by demonik on June 20, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Bamboo Guerillas (New English Library, Sept. 1977)


‘What the hell are you doing here?’ the headman asked. ‘All the British troops have retreated, yet you are heading into Japanese-occupied territory.’

Malaya was about to fall to the Japanese, and a group of nurses had been taken prisoner by the notorious Colonel Sika. Carter knew they faced sadistic torture, even a hideous death. It was up to him and his band of Chinese guerillas to rescue them from Sika’s clutches – but in a hostile jungle where the heat and fever caused nearly as many deaths as the fighting itself. It would be a desperate and bloody struggle.

Another wild card. Not strictly horror fiction, but this exercise in war-pulp-torture-porn is unquestionably horrible enough for most of us. The way Guy N. Smith tells it, Peter Haining encouraged him “to go as far as I could on the sex and violence.” Guy, pro that he is, dutifully obliged.

See also the Bamboo Guerillas thread on Vault Of Evil

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