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F. Paul Wilson – Reprisal

Posted by demonik on June 19, 2009

F. Paul Wilson –  Reprisal (New English Library, 1991)  [hardback]



F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep created a timeless evil. Reborn brought that evil back to us in the shape of an unborn child. Reprisal, Wilson’s darkest, most terrifying novel yet, reveals the Adversary twenty years later, in a nightmarish tale of violence, eroticism and fear.

Will Ryerson, a man with a mysterious past, thinks he’s found a new life at Darnell University in North Carolina. He thinks he’s safe from the horrors that once pursued him. And apart from disturbing phone calls, his life is one of tranquillity and near-solitude. Until the horror seeks him out.

Drawn into the net of corruption and malignity are others: Lisl, low in self-esteem and good looks, in love and only slightly disturbed by the pleasure she feels in a sadomasochistic sex life; Ev, recovering alcoholic and Lisl’s rival in the maths department; Renny, a New York cop still obsessed by the five-year-old brutal slaying of a child. And Veilleur, the Adversary’s age-old foe, who must now gather his forces for the apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

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M. G Lewis – The Monk

Posted by demonik on June 5, 2009

M. G Lewis – The Monk (New English Library, 1973)


The first ever Brit horror pulp? Probably not, but if you’re only going to read one Gothic novel, make sure it’s M. G. Lewis’s extraordinary romp. At the novel’s outset, Ambrosio is little short of a Saint on earth, but once he’s been seduced by novice Matilda – a demon in female guise – he embarks on a clandestine career that takes in murder, matricide, rape and incest and damns him to Hell. Meanwhile, a fine cast of Spectral, bleeding and pregnant Nuns, The Wandering Jew and the suitably grim agents of the Inquisition all play their part in keeping up the frantic pace right through to the terrifying climax. Incredibly, Lewis was just eighteen when he wrote this in 1797, having been influenced by the morbid fiction emanating from Germany and that other great, bloody Gothic, the Marquis de Sade’s Justine.

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Martin Sherwood – Maxwell’s Demon

Posted by demonik on June 1, 2009

Martin Sherwood – Maxwell’s Demon (New English Library,  1976)



Tim Wagner is one of an emergency team called in to deal with it. Too late they realise the creature’s terrible power , and Wagner , the last survivor , flees to warn the world.

Thanks to Killercrab for coverscan and blurb.

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F. Paul Wilson – The Keep

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

F. Paul Wilson – The Keep (New English Library, 1982)



“Request immediate relocation. Something is murdering my men”.

The message, sent by Captain Klaus Woermann to German Army High Command.

The location: a medieval fortress overlooking the Dinu Pass, high In the Transylvanian Alps. Where the German garrison was being taken and murdered one by one, night after night, and left, throats torn out, to drive the survivors mad with fear.

The solution: a reinforcing squad of terror-hardened SS Einsatzkommandos.

The mistake: ignorance. The legends of Transylvania meant nothing to them. Nor the existence of an evil centuries older and hideously more powerful than anything in even the most diseased imaginings of an SS killer.

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Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons (Nel, Jan 1980)


Andrew Jarvis found her unconscious, her naked body horribly scarred with bites and scratches, and all the marks of violent sexual abuse. He was drawn like a moth to a flame but it was not she who was the victim – it was Andrew.

Before he knew it he was under her spell, plunged unwillingly into a world of ritual and demonic evil. For she was one of the Apart, a woman who drew her terrible power from the devils themselves, a woman who slept with demons …

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