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Ghoul #1 (1976)

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Ghoul #1 (1976)

“it’s a ghastly giggle!


“OK, so who wants to be my Preymate of the month then?

R. Chetwynd-Hayes edited and reputedly ghost-wrote the majority (all) of Ghoul (1976) for the mighty NEL. Sadly, it didn’t survive to a second issue. Sadder still, I’ve never even seen a copy, let alone owned one, so any info would be much appreciated, etc..

All I know is that two of RCH’s contributions were revived by Stephen Jones for the posthumous (and, reputedly, diabolical) Frights And Fancies, Ghoul At Large and ‘Hans Clutcher’s I Meet the Great Indestructible!

The full list of contents, for which i indebted to Paul at the Cobwebbed Room Blogspot – the rest of this entry is all his work, not mine –¬† are as follows.

Ghoul 1 (Nel, 1976)

‘Beyond Terror’ – Staff members telling what phobias, fears, nightmares they have.

‘I meet the great Indestructible – Exclusive interview with Count Dracula’ by Hans Clutcher – Spoof interview with the Count.

‘Things aren’t what they used to be!’ by Denis Gifford – Horror films of the 1940’s

‘Horror-Scope’ – Monster horoscopes with the birthsigns Suckdritus the Vampire, Fangus the Werewolf, Gnawus the Slime-Beast, and Crushem the Golen.

Christopher Lee – brief description about the actor illustrated with film stills

‘Ghoul at Large’ by R.Chetwynd-Hayes – Short story by the horror writer

‘On the Prowl’ – Chilling news from the scream scene.

‘Kiss me quick’ – funny captions to monsters kissing in films stills.

‘Ghoul Gazette’ – Spoof two page newspaper.

‘Masters of Horror – 1. Edgar Alan Poe’ by Walter Gillings – Profile of the master horror writer.

‘Some new pleasures prove’ – by Charles Birkin – Short story

‘Celluloid Screams’ – Gallery of four horror film posters

‘Preymate of the month’ – in which the readers were invited to send in their ghoulish monster creations, the one featured in this issue was called Octopus Man.

Also featured in this 1st issue were adverts for ‘Science Fiction Monthly’ magazine and ‘The Monster Club’ by R.Chetwynd-Hayes and also a competion to win a Mettoy Vampire kite. The back cover is an advertisement for a number of New English Library Horror titles.

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Peter Haining – The Dracula Scrapbook

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Dracula Scrapbook (Nel, 1976)

Haining Dracula Scrapbook

Tony Masero


Peter Haining – Introduction
Christopher Lee – Foreword
Charles Dickens jnr. – Vampires And Ghouls
James Malcolm Rymer – Varney the Vampyre: Chapter 1
Madame Emily de Laszovoska Gerard – Transylvanian Superstitions
Gabriel Ronay – Exploring The Bloody Myth Of Dracula & Vampires
Dr. Franz Hartmaan – An Authentic Vampire Story
Tim Stout – The Vampire In Films
Montague Summers – The Dracu-Spirit That Bit
Kingsley Amis – Dracula, Frankenstein, Sons & Co.
Christopher Lee – Dracula And I
Forrest J. Ackerman – Bela Lugosi: Public Enemy No. 1
Boris Karloff (Michael Avallone) – The Vampire Sleeps
Denis Gifford – The Day The Comics Went Bats
Manly Wade Wellman – The Vampire Of Shiloh
Lee Coye – Weirdisms
S. J. Saunders – The Velden Hunt
Ivor J. Brown – The Unquiet Grave Of The Vampire
Elliott O’Donnell – The Vampire Society
Daniel Farson – The Cult Of Dracula
Bernard Davies – The Dracula Society
Dr. Donald A. Reed – The Count Dracula Society
Les Heinman – Meet The Real Count Dracula

An absolute belter from Peter Haining. The title says it all – this is a compilation of articles, newspaper clippings, movie reviews, short stories, stills and artwork pertaining to the undead. Wildly entertaining from cover to cover, it’s easy to overlook the fact that there’s plenty of (then) new information contained in these hallowed pages, and the exhumation of long-forgotten writings is another definite point in its favour.

Way up there on the demonik shortlist of essential vampire reads (Paul Barber’s Vampires, Burial and Death occupying the top spot), Haining was on a roll during the mid-seventies, and his The Penny Dreadful and other work¬† for Gollancz are particularly recommended.

Haining attempted to perform the same service for Mary Shelley’s immortal creation with The Frankenstein File, again for NEL, the following year, but to this reader at least, while interesting enough, it isn’t a patch on The Dracula Scrapbook.

NB: The NEL publication is not to be confused with his far later Souvenir Press offering of the same title which is actually the remaindered “The Dracula Centenary Book” given a hasty makeover and bunged back on the shelves.

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