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Brian Ball – Devil’s Peak

Posted by demonik on May 28, 2009

Brian Ball – Devil’s Peak (NEL, 1972)


“while stranded in a transport cafe during a freak snowstorm, a man finds himself involved with Satanists”

Another that’s so for eluded me but fortunately not our more clued in members.  According to Justin Marriott: “A foolhardy student finds himself holed up in a remote roadside cafe on the Derbyshire hills during a huge snow-storm. Once again the plot leads to a single night during which the forces of evil are summoned, but this time the female vessel is a descendant of  local Satanists and totally knowing of her actions. Set in a claustrophobic greasy spoon with a small supporting cast of randy truck-drivers, quarrelling owners, a coach load of nubile schoolgirls and an annoying poodle, Devil’s Peak improves upon it’s predecessor by conjuring up a dizzying atmosphere of  impending doom and evil doing.” – Paperback Fanatic #7, 2007

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Thanks to Steve Goodwin for supplying the scan and Brian Ball info!

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