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Paperback Fanatic 4

Posted by demonik on June 18, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Fanatic #4 (September, 2007)


Another cracking solo effort from Mr. Marriott with an increased page count and a real scoop:


Robert Lory

Dracula Lives! An exclusive  interview with Robert Lory, author of the Dracula Returns, Horrorscope and Vigilante series’.

Legion of the Damned! The first part of a study of the German war pulps from authors such as Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler and titles such as Reign in Hell, Blitzfreeze and Wheels of Terror!

The Memoirs of Lord Grandrith: a look back at Philp Jose Farmer’s ground-breaking Image of the Beast, Blown and A Feast Unknown.

Eyes Wide Shut. Artist Jan Parker’s occult and fantasy paperback covers

The Prophecies of Bruce Pennington:  master fantasy artist Pennington is given the Fanatic treatment in this definitive study which includes a massive checklist of his covers!

Back Page Gallery: A selection of Jan Parker’s illustrations for Peter Haining’s Witchcraft & Black Magic (Hamlyn, 1971)

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Robert Lory – The Drums Of Dracula

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

Robert Lory – The Drums Of Dracula (NEL, Feb. 1976)

Robert Lory - The Drums Of Dracula

Robert Lory - The Drums Of Dracula


Jenny Harmon, Professor Harmon’s young niece, is staying in Jamaica to study the mysterious and infamous cult of voodoo. But her investigations anger the hostile followers of the forbidden religion. She is kidnapped — and a ransom note is delivered to her uncle demanding $500,000 or she will die screaming!

Only a power of greater evil than those of the voodoo witchdoctors and their terrible zombie slaves can save young Jenny. Dr Harmon is forced once again to turn to Count Dracula for aid — the most dreaded creature of the night, the greatest vampire of all, whom Dr Harmon has resurrected through his great knowledge.

A violent battle for supremacy is played out against the throbbing of voodoo drums and the dark Caribbean night.

Review by Franklin Marsh:

We’re off to Jamaica for some voodoo in this one. Sound ridiculous? It is but Lory somehow keeps it compelling. Just like the Hammer Draculas you wish the Count had more …er…page time. Lory is on top form whenever the Lord of the Vampires is around. He’s used sparingly though but to very good effect. Our heroine Jenny arrives on the island, upsets the locals within minutes, changes into a skimpy bathing costume, is caught by the voodooists and chained up naked. You can’t ask for much more than this. Lory deflects accusations of sexism by having Cam captured and chained up naked too. At last – equality in exploitation! Tops for atmosphere and zips along faster than you can query any plot holes. Dracula may be on the side of the good guys but he still exudes evil given a chance.

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Robert Lory – Dracula Returns

Posted by demonik on May 18, 2009

Robert Lory – Dracula Returns (NEL, Dec. 1973)

Robert Lory's 'Dracula Returns'

Robert Lory's 'Dracula Returns'

The world thought it was free from the Count’s black shadow ….

The year was 1883. In a south Romanian village, three men and a girl were gathered in an old crypt. They watched fascinated as a wooden stake was driven through the heart of a long-dead corpse. With an inhuman cry, Count Dracula departed this world. But the strange, unwinking eyes of a black cat watched their efforts derisively.

In the year 1938, a young policeman on special duties was clubbed and thrown into the dark waters of New York’s vicious dockland. Miraculously he lived, but was condemned forever to a wheelchair. His twisted thoughts turned to the occult. This man’s name was Damien Harmon. A man selected for a terrible purpose …

To bring the Master to life again, and to unleash his terror on unsuspecting twentieth century America. Could the Professor turn his back on the call? This is the first in a spine chilling series about THE RETURN OF DRACULA.

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Robert Lory Lives!

Posted by demonik on May 16, 2009

Robert Lory Lives!

One of the biggest thrills i’ve had during my time with Vault was getting into correspondence with Robert E. Lory, author of the celebrated Dracula Returns series and a man so legendary, many commentators believed he didn’t actually exist! I figured it would be appropriate  to include his comments here.

Hey Kev,

Actually, my favorite was Dracula’s Brothers — but what they hell do I know.

Other than the Robert Lory name. I used V. J. Santiago to write a series happily stolen from Death Wish (but I insist I was much more bloody) and I was Paul Edwards for half of the John Eagle Expeditor series (interestingly, people who have read my other stuff seem to easily figure out which ones I wrote). The Robert Lory name also was on covers of a series of Horrorscope books.

Here’s a point where initial success can turn around and bite you in the butt.

After the Boris book, I suggested another short story collection–each story to be based on a zodiac sign. Great, “they” said, but let’s make it a series of novels. Crap, I said. But I did it anyway. I don’t think the four I did were totally awful, but I do think they deserve a lot of the adverse criticism they generated.

And, yes, I’d be happy if you add my blog links.

Finally, although I (Bob Lory) appreciate your thanks, I have to say old Harmon wouldn’t give a shit. Hey, but that’s his bag. Give his some space; he’s got a bad back.

Bob Lory

Shortly afterward, Bob kindly consented to be interviewed by our friend Justin Marriott of the pulp bible  Paperback Fanatic magazine (#4: Sept. 2007), and i must say between them they did a tremendous job of covering his career.

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Robert Lory – Dracula’s Brothers

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Robert Lory – Dracula’s Brothers  (Pinnacle 1973 – NEL version 1974)

Draculas Brothers

In this third installment of the series the setting is New York. A crazy scientist has genetically modified vampire bats, while his equally crazy twin brother has trained them to kill. Unknown to disgraced scientist August Abelard his twin brother Adrian (a down on his luck ex-vaudevillian) has been been training the new breed of bats to attack, with the addition of razor sharp metal sheaths for the wing claws. After a couple of attacks Adrian is ready to put his demands to the Mayor of New York, one million dollars or members of the United Nations will be next.

Sanford Proctor, a retired yet influential advisor to the police, calls on Professor Harmon to help. The story seems to take place shortly after the events of ‘The Hand Of Dracula’ since the Count is still bound by the wager he made with Harmon – to comply with the Prof’s wishes for six months. Naturally Dracula is reluctant to kill the bats, who he refers to as his “little brothers” – this leads to the inevitable conflict with Harmon. It is Cameron Sanchez who points out that the controller of the bats is the one they are really after. The slinky and mysterious Ktara is also on hand to give poor Cam some extra brain ache.

Throw NYPD Detective Hank Nevarre into the mix, who has a real obsessive grudge against Cam, and the scene is set for it all to kick off. There’s an impressive battle with the bats on the rooftop of the UN building and the story moves along swiftly.

The bats are interesting and effective but the real star of the show still is Count Dracula: “The sleek black hair was moving down the high arched forehead. The nostrils of what had been an aquilline nose were flattening, and the lips were drawing back from teeth which were no longer those of a human being but more like the the fangs of some savage meat-tearing animal. And those eyes that had flashed red were now totally so, except for the very centres which were tiny pin points of white searing heat…”

Totally satisfying read from cover to cover.

Review by Nightreader

See also Vault’s Dracula’s Brothers thread

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