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Harry Ludlam – A Biography Of Bram Stoker

Posted by demonik on June 16, 2009

Harry Ludlam – A Biography Of Bram Stoker: Creator Of Dracula (New English Library, 1977)



DRACULA … the most terrifying and macabre character ever to be fictionalised in the field of the supernatural,has been the subject of innumerable books, plays and films and even now, nearly a century after Bram Stoker wrote his book Dracula, the legend continues to horrify and frighten people: the world over.

BUT what of Bram Stoker, the author of this sinister masterpiece? Had he never written his tale, his name would still be remembered as a newspaper editor, scholar, theatre critic and close associate of the actor, Henry Irving. A man of enormous physical stature, he was also a man of enormous and powerful imagination. In this book, Harry Ludlam has with painstaking research and dedication drawn a fascinating picture of Stoker – a man whose name is almost as legendary as Dracula himself.

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Elliott O’Donnell – The Screaming Skulls

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Elliott O’Donnell – The Screaming Skulls & Other Ghost Stories (Four Square Horror, September, 1966) [Edited by Harry Ludlam]

Screaming skulls in action

Screaming skulls in action


These gripping true ghost tales, together with some compelling legends, are the cream of those collected by Elliott O’Donnell in over half a century spent ghost-hunting.
He writes of creeping hands, vengeful phantoms and tortured wraiths exactly as they were seen — from accounts by witnesses, and from records made at the time or shortly afterwards.
Besides documenting the cases of others, O’Donnell tells of his own creepy experiences. He has investigated numerous cases of supernatural phenomena, disturbing Me and horrifying, from inexplicable hauntings in lonely country houses to those in the heart of town cursed by appalling events of the past.
No one reading these tales by Britain’s most renowned ghost-hunter can remain, a sceptic … or refrain from a shudder in the dark.

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