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Justin Marriott – Paperback Fanatic #12

Posted by demonik on December 5, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Fanatic #12 (Nov. 2009)


Beyond the Silver Sky- an overview of Ken Bulmer’s work from Ace Doubles to Dray Prescott
The House of Bulmer- Andreas Decker looks at the enduring popularity Ken enjoyed in Germany
Masero Lives! Johnny Mains interviews the classic cover artist
Death Merchant- Andreas Decker gives the inside story on the outrageous men’s adventure series
The Four Gringos- saddles up with blood-thirsty western series Breed, Herne and Crow
Weird Tales at Panther- a much expanded and heavily illustrated 8-page reworking of The Paperback Dungeon checklist
When the Vile Take Over- at last we cover NEL’s Hells Angels poster mags

OUT NOW! The usual eclectic, wildly entertaining celebration of the beautiful, beautifully ugly and just plain hideous paperbacks from the ‘sixties and seventies. Anthology fans will particularly enjoy the overview of Panther’s Weird Tales heavy output,  NEL freaks get the notorious  Hells Angel poster magazines. Details from Paperback Fanatic, and anti-review of sorts and comments on the Vault forum.

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Paperback Dungeon – Paperback Fanatic 2

Posted by demonik on June 12, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Dungeon [Paperback Fanatic #2] (Summer, 2007)


Back with a new title and new, A4 format, the second issue of Paperback Fanatic leads with the editor’s Origins of a Pulp Fanatic …, Justin’s tribute to the books and magazines that got him started on this path, with special mention of Action comic.

Weird Tales At Panther is the first of the Fanatic illustrated listings, this one concentrating on the Panther horror and fantasy paperbacks of the ‘sixties through the ‘seventies. It provided the backbone for Vault’s My Name Is Death blog on WordPress.

Rik Rawlings’ The Crypt Of Crap: The Shop That Made Me The Man I Am Today revisits the early ‘eighties and the “horrible hippy hovel” in the Leeds Corn Exchange where Rik first fell in love with ghastly underground comix.

Barbarians On Wheels continues where we left off with the Hell’s Angels.

Finally, Out Of The Black Shadows Of Hell devotes the final four pages to Laurence James’ ultra-violent, horrored-up Brit Western series, Crow.

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Pulpmania – Paperback Fanatic 1

Posted by demonik on May 29, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Pulpmania [Paperback Fanatic #1] (Hot Cherry, 2006)

Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones


Legendary horror author Guy N Smith discusses his pulp nasties which changed the face of seventies horror with such grisly and influential titles as Night of the Crabs and The Sucking Pit.

A long overdue look at the controversy surrounding John Norman’s bondage-obsessed Gor books, a series that has left feminists and respected peers foaming at the mouth since the conception of these bizarre science-fiction sword and sandal epics.

Pulpmania tracks down Peter Cave, the author of the Chopper, the ultimate cult paperback for a fascinating interview about his highs and lows in the pulp fiction industry.

Trash or ground-breaking classics? A fresh look at the Brit-goremeister James Herbert and his early groundbreaking The Rats and The Fog, books that left terrified schoolchildren choking on their jam sandwiches.

Eclectic anthologist Michel Parry discusses his fascinating career including his banned books Devil’s Kisses and Agro.

An exhaustive look at Hell’s Angels pulp fiction, including many previously unheard anecdotes and information about authors like Mick Norman and books such as Angels From Hell and Speed Freaks.

Two early namechanges have led to some confusion, but Pulpmania is now officially touted by editor Justin Marriott  as Paperback Fanatic #1, and what a truly stunning debut! The magazine prides itself on covering all manner of cult paperbacks but there’s a strong bias toward  ‘seventies pulp horror, sci-fi, fantasy, exploitation,  sleaze, etc., so no surprise you get a massive dose of   New English Library content along the way. I’ve never felt much at ease trying to ‘review’ the thing as really, how am i going to improve on a contents list that speaks so eloquently for itself?

I’ll be working the rest of the issues into this blog-site-hopeless mess as we go along because if you like Haining-era NEL, you’re sure to appreciate PF.

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