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Michael Slade – Ghoul

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2009

Michael Slade – Ghoul (New English Library, 1993)

Chris Moore

Chris Moore


A violent spectre is haunting London.
Dressed in a grey cape and a top hat, with a bone-white face and a madman’s eyes, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill – bloodily, perversely and inexplicably.
For Detective Chief Superintendent Hilary Rand, an am­bitious woman in a man’s world, the carnage must stop or her career will be finished. But hunting the Ghoul means stepping into her worst nightmare …

‘As alarming a piece of Gothic as I’ve read in many a black moon … treads a perverted fantastic with droll skill’ – The Times

‘Slade runs a three-ring circus of suspense, salting the plot with red herrings and keeping the reader guessing until the truth is revealed in a grisly, sensational climax to which is appended yet another gut-wrenching revelation’   – Booklist

‘Ghoul almost finished me … Here’s a book that gives you real shock value for the money’ – Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO

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Michael Slade – Ripper

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2009

Michael Slade – Ripper (New English Library, 1995)

Chris Moore

Chris Moore


Who would slash the body to shreds, then rip the face off America’s foremost feminist – and hang her out to die?
Who would take a pair of twin hookers on a terror trip that made death seem innocent and sweet?
Who would turn a secluded island gathering of bright and beautiful people into a carnival of carnage?
What grim and grisly figure stood, dripping knife in hand, at the end of the most horrifying trail of death and deception Detectives Robert DeClercq and Zinc Chandler ever followed/

A lot of people were dying to find out …

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Marie Belloc Lowdnes – The Lodger

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Marie Belloc Lowdnes – The Lodger (Four Square, 1966: Originally Methuen, 1913)

Cover illustration uncredited [Josh Kirby ?]


The Lodger is an acknowledged classic of mystery and suspense. This spine-chiller is a psychological study of a mass murderer which concerns itself with the burning question ‘Why?’. From the first moment that Mr. Sleuth rents rooms in Mr. and Mrs. Bunting’s lod­ging house we know that he is Jack the Ripper. Yet the story is so skilfully told that the reader is held breath­less throughout. Why does Mr. Sleuth, obviously a gentleman, rent lodgings suitable only for the poor? Why does he turn all the pictures to the wall? Why does a man so gentle strike terror into the heart of Mrs. Bunting? As murder after murder is committed in a panic-stricken London, these and many more ques­tions will hold the reader spell-bound until the last page.

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