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Paperback Fanatic 4

Posted by demonik on June 18, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Fanatic #4 (September, 2007)


Another cracking solo effort from Mr. Marriott with an increased page count and a real scoop:


Robert Lory

Dracula Lives! An exclusive  interview with Robert Lory, author of the Dracula Returns, Horrorscope and Vigilante series’.

Legion of the Damned! The first part of a study of the German war pulps from authors such as Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler and titles such as Reign in Hell, Blitzfreeze and Wheels of Terror!

The Memoirs of Lord Grandrith: a look back at Philp Jose Farmer’s ground-breaking Image of the Beast, Blown and A Feast Unknown.

Eyes Wide Shut. Artist Jan Parker’s occult and fantasy paperback covers

The Prophecies of Bruce Pennington:  master fantasy artist Pennington is given the Fanatic treatment in this definitive study which includes a massive checklist of his covers!

Back Page Gallery: A selection of Jan Parker’s illustrations for Peter Haining’s Witchcraft & Black Magic (Hamlyn, 1971)

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Laird Koenig & Peter L. Dixon – The Children Are Watching

Posted by demonik on May 20, 2009

Laird Koenig & Peter L. Dixon – The Children Are Watching (New English Library, 1972)

Jan Parker

Jan Parker

“They were children with a terrible secret… They know how their Mexican maid was drowned, but they are not telling.”

Thanks to Justin Marriott for the scan and Steve Goodwin for providing the blurb.

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Elliot O’Donnell – Casebook of Ghosts 2

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Elliot O’Donnell – Casebook of Ghosts Volume Two (NEL, March 1971)

Jan Parker

Jan Parker

More True stories by the world’s greatest ghost-hunter.

The Jansen’s kept one of their rooms boarded up – because those who’d stayed there in the past always experienced a strange compulsion to kill. And then one night, a visiting cousin with nowhere else to stay emerged from the room clutching a pair of gleaming scissors in her fist.

What was the power that had her in its spell? Only Elliott O’Donnell’s steel-nerved persistence could track down the origin of such a trance.

Here are more case histories by the fearless author of NEL’s bestselling “CASEBOOK OF GHOSTS”, Volume 1. This sequel includes true tales of headless sailors, disappearing secretaries, haunted elevators and much, much more.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for providing the scan and blurb!

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P. McCartney – Who Sups With The Devil?

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

P. McCartney –  Who Sups With The Devil?   (NEL 1975) Who Sups With The Devil?

Really enjoyed this one, literally from start to finish. It’s got a great opening scene, with Sister Mary Clare hearing a strange noise in the dark. On investigating she sees a figure which she initially thinks is another nun, but…

“…then it turned around to face the light… With a scream that shattered the silence and sent echoes ringing throughout the old castle, she sank unconscious to the floor and the crucifix and the torch clinked and clattered across the stone flags, for the face that looked out from beneath the black habit was the face of death. Wild staring lidless eyes in a mask of decay.”

The story takes place in and around Pwll Castle in Wales, now home to a community of nuns who also run a boarding school for girls. Strange things have been seen and heard in the castle but it isn’t until the murder of one of the nuns that the Police are called in. Detective Inspector Bob March and his assistant Sergeant John Fitzgerald of Scotland Yard don’t like being in the wilds of Wales and DI Bob doesn’t have much time for the supernatural either.

It isn’t long before there is evidence of a Black Mass being held in the crypt of the castle, another body turns up, the mysterious cowled figure makes regular appearances and a strange black dog is seen around the castle walls. There are also secret tunnels and a dodgy Doctor with an exotic and beautiful wife.

Very enjoyable read with a good strong ending (which I won’t spoil).

Anyone know anything about the writer? It can’t be Paul McBeatle can it?

Reviewed by Nightreader of Vault

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