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Alfred Hitchcock – The Graveyard Man

Posted by demonik on August 16, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock – The Graveyard Man (NEL, October 1968)

hitch graveyardman


Josh Kirby

C. B. Gilford – The Cemetery Man
Clark Howard – Spook House
W. Sherwood Harman – Poltergeist
Robert Bloch – A Killing In The Market
C. B. Gilford – Never Marry A Witch
Avram Davidson – A Shot From The Dark Night
Henry Slesar – Murder Delayed
Lawrence Treat – Shoot A Friendly Bullet
William Link & Richard Levinson – The Man In The Lobby
Robert Edmon Alter – The Shunned House

“Some of the best and most eerie story material in the world can be found in the locale where I am pictured on the cover.’
So writes Alfred Hitchcock, King of Chills and Master of the Macabre, in the introduction to this latest unholy collection of tales.
And he backs up his claim by presenting herein for your delectation stories by such literary ghouls as

Robert Bloch
Avram Davidson
Lawrence Treat
Henry Slesar
and many more.
We suggest you check on your nerves before ven­turing into this domain of death.

At 96 pages all in, minimalist even by NEL standards and doubtless much of the material is more crime than horror-supernatural orientated, though where there are titles like The Cemetery Man and Poltergeist there is hope. i’ve heard only good things about Carney Kill author Robert Edmon Alter’s haunted house story and Clark Howard wrote the occasional horror short including the ghoulish The Keeper Of The Crypt, which enlivened a summer of love issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Columbo co-creators Link & Levinson contributed a minor ‘when seafood attacks’ effort to Fred Pickersgill’s And Graves Give Up Their Dead. Bloch’s is only one of three stories i didn’t write up from his Fear & Trembling collection, meaning it was either too complex or routine for me to desecrate.

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William Beckford – Vathek

Posted by demonik on June 12, 2009

William Beckford – Vathek (Four Square/ NEL, 1966)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby

Originally published in 1786. The Capith Vathek, whose evil eye is so lethal he can mutilate or even kill a man just by glaring at him, leads his men on a subterranean Black Pilgrimage to the Hall of Eblis at the earth’s core, where he hopes to meet his hero and the one entity who can satisfy his every cruel and terrible lust (essentially, Satan).  Beckford’s Oriental slant and taste for the exotic marks him out as a Clark Ashton Smith (or, at least, Frank Owen) of the early Gothic novel, while the sheer horror of the climax – which sees Vathek as completely damned as any character in the history horror fiction; Prayers On Fire! – makes this short novel as memorable in it’s way as M. G. Lewis’s more traditionally shocking The Monk.

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R. L. Stevenson – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Posted by demonik on May 29, 2009

Robert Louis Stevenson – The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (New English Library ( 1973)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby

Quite possibly held over from the original Four Square Gothic series of the mid-sixtees. Stevenson’s timeless novella is available in so many editions,  you have to make yours really special to stand out. Thanks to Josh Kirby’s brilliant cover artwork, NEL’s does.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan.

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Alfred Hitchcock – Haunted Houseful

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock [Robert Arthur] (ed.) – Haunted Houseful (Four Square, 1965)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby

I’ve not seen a copy, but believe the contents to be the same as the Random House original from 1961, subtitled ‘Nine “COOL” stories about Haunted Houses and Ghosts for Boys and Girls’, which comprise.

Manly Wade Wellman – Let’s Haunt A House
Constance Savery – The Wastwych Secret
Walter R. Brooks – Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons
Jack Bechdolt – The Mystery Of Rabbit Run
Elizabeth Coatsworth – The Forgotten Island
John Kendrick Bangs – The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Red-Headed League
Mark Twain – The Treasure In The Cave
Donald & Louise Peattie – The Mystery In Four-And-A-Half Street

Would appreciate if someone could confirm or deny! It certainly doesn’t look heavy on horror content, does it?

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Frederick Marryat – The Phantom Ship

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Frederick Marryat – The Phantom Ship (Four Square Gothic Mystery, May, 1966)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby


FREDERICK MARRYAT — often referred to as Captain Marryat — was born in 1792, the son of a Member of Parliament. The sea attracted him from a very early age and in 1806 he first went to sea as a mid­shipman under Lord Cochrane. By 1820 he had his own command —a sloop which cruised off St. Helena and was entrusted with prevent­ing any escape attempts by Napoleon who was then exiled on the island. Later missions saw him in action against smugglers in the English Channel and pirates on the rivers of Burma. In 1830, however, he resigned his commission and took up seriously his other great love — writing. In the years that followed he wrote some of the greatest English sea novels (such as ‘Peter Simple’ and ‘Mr. Midshipman Easy’) which are outstanding for their authenticity and dramatic action. ‘The Phantom Ship’ was written in 1839 while Marryat was on a tour of the United States —a trip which so enamoured him of the new country that he decided to buy a farm and settle there. He died in Langham, Norfolk, on August 9, 1848.

New English Library reissue, 1975

New English Library reissue, 1975

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