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Errol Lecale – Tigerman Of Terrahpur

Posted by demonik on October 7, 2007

Errol Lecale – Tigerman Of Terrahpur (NEL 1973)

 Tigerman Of Terrahpur

The first of the Specialist series opens with a killing just outside a city in the Terrahpur region of India. A girl on her way to meet her secret lover is pursued through the jungle, she takes refuge in a simple hut…

“Through the weathered planking of the door came a vile and terrifying odour. It had blood in it and the earthiness of the jungle floor. But over all there was something wildly animal, feline. It reminded her of a visit to the Maharajah’s private zoo…”

It is the Maharajah who requests the aid of Eli Podgram, the Specialist in matters of the ‘Twilight World’. So it’s off to India for Eli and his assistants Mara and Hugo…

I enjoyed this one: a were-tiger, an evil Kali cult with a nasty high priest, occult shenanigans… what more could you ask for? Well, if I’m going to be picky I’d have liked a bit more of the tigerman (he’s hardly in it).

It’s a good start to the series though. The characters are established and are likeable enough – it looks like Podgram is a bit useless when it comes to physical dangers so it’s a good job he has Hugo when things get iffy. Mara looks like she’ll be a damsel in distress more often than not.

Looking forward to the rest of the series now. ‘Castledoom’ is on the shelf, waiting…

Review and scan by Andy aka Nightreader of Vault.

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