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Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder

Posted by demonik on May 24, 2011

Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder   (New English Library, 1975)


No 3 in the imaginative and passionate series of the Restoration Period.

One-time pirates Sir Harry Strang and the Earl of Rochester return from their high-sea adventures to take to the waters at fashionable Deal. They discover that a local witch hunt is on and every beautiful young maiden in the district is under suspicion.

Only the torturing implements of the Witchfinder reveal the true identity of a witch. Sir Harry and his friend witness much human misery when they are asked to help a young woman , suspected of being in league with the devil …

thanks to Vault long time man Killercrab for providing the scan and blurb. According to KC, the other titles in the NEL Restoration Series are Sword of Vengeance and Dark Lady.

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Phil Smith – The Incredible Melting Man

Posted by demonik on July 14, 2009

Phil Smith – The Incredible Melting Man (Nel, 1978)

Incredible Melting Man


Three astronauts had returned safely from the Mars landing. Two were dead and Steve West was on the run.

On the run from the quarantine hospital which had been treating him … from the authorities who had to conceal his escape at all costs … from his friend Ted Nelson … and from the dreadful organism which had taken possession of his flesh, turning him into a fiendish nightmare but leaving his mind intact to cringe from the murderous horror he had become.

“What unearthly offspring would grow from the jelly that was once his friend?”

An outrageous rip off of The First Man In Space via Quatermass. Steve West, the “jelly” in question, brutally destroys a nurse and flees the hospital so that he can turn to sludge in peace. Since his exposure to whatever radiation it was that has poisoned his cells, he’s developed a taste for human flesh and blood (unfortunate for him but very rewarding for us) and roams the woods killing people and leaving pools of mucous everywhere.

Naturally, General Parry over at Houston doesn’t want a word of this to come out as “Nothing must interfere with the next phase of the programme”, so Dr. Nelson is ordered to find his friend and return him to the Hospital without anybody finding out that the psycho-killer is not only a blob of slime but … their astronaut.

Joe Petagno

Joe Petagno

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan (1978 edition: above)

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Guy N. Smith – Origin Of The Crabs

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Origin Of The Crabs (New English Library, 1979)


Rouse suddenly let out a piercing scream releasing him from the paralysis of sheer terror in which those malevolent red eyes had held him. In panic he turned and tried to scramble up the slippery rockface. But his feet could not grip; slowly he began sliding back down, ever closer to the nightmarish form that was rapidly approaching, its huge claws waving in the air, its powerful jaws opening and closing in anticipation.

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan and blurb

See also the Origin Of The Crabs thread on Vault Of Evil

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Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout (New English Library, 1979)


Saxonbury is a pleasant English market town: medieval church, seventeenth-century town houses, a new estate, a gleaming, ultra-modern computer factory. But Liz Ambler senses what lies beneath its placid surface, as her interest in the romantic past draws her helplessly towards the deep-buried secrets of a crueller age.

While his wife is obsessed with the past, Roger Ambler is totally involved in the EKO 6 computer, the key to the future and the culmination of his research. Now EKO 6 is ready for trials, waiting for the vital pulse of the electrons to throb through its circuits and awaken – what?

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan and blurb

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Chelsea Quinn Yarbo – Hotel Transylvania

Posted by demonik on June 9, 2009

Chelsea Quinn Yarbo – Hotel Transylvania (New English Library, 1981)


Blurb from Signet/ NAL edition, 1979

It was the nightmare home of occult rites of ravishment, where beauty was made to serve evil, and the jaws of horror closed over innocence.
It was the decadent playground of an aristocratic society riddled with rumors about the handsome, charming man any woman would die to love …
It was here that the irresistible Count Saint Germain and the exquisite Madelaine De Montalla came together.

He, doomed to live forever and always to kill the one he loved, struggling now against the purest passion and most gnawing temptation he had ever known. She, desperately enamored of this compelling vampire who refused to grant her his ultimate act of love, and threatened by a fate that made the kiss of death seem sweet ……..

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan


Signet edition, 1979

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