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August Derleth – The Night Side

Posted by demonik on September 14, 2007

August Derleth (ed.) – The Night Side (4-Square 1966; originally Rinehart, 1947)

August Derleth – Foreword

H. P. Lovecraft – The Colour Out Of Space
H. R. Wakefield – The First Sheaf
MacKinlay Kantor – The Moon-Caller
Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – The Extra Passenger
John Metcalfe – The Smoking Leg
R. Creighton-Buck – Joshua
Robert Bloch – Enoch
A. E. Coppard – Cheese
Margery Lawrence – Mr. Minchin’s Midsummer
Henry Kuttner – Mimsy Were The Borogroves
Howard Wandrei – The Eerie Mr. Murphy
Ray Bradbury – The Smiling People
Denys Val Baker – The Face In The Mirror
Alan Nelson – Professor Pfaff’s Last Recital
Nelson Bond – The Mask Of Medusa
John D. Swain – One Head Well Done
Henry A. Norton – Sammy Calls A Noobus
H. F. Arnold – The Night Wire
Mary E. Counselman – The Three Marked Pennies

In the interests of completism but also because I happen to rate this as one of Derleth’s very best – I can’t believe it’s not on here but it doesn’t seem to be around. According to Derleth, Arnold’s The Night Wire was the most popular story even published in Weird Tales (The Three Marked Pennies was second). Howard Wandrei’s The Eerie Mr. Murphy made the cut in John Pelan’s list of the centuries 100 best horror stories and Nelson Bond’s The Mask Of Medusa not only spawned a fetching cover illustration it’s also a decent Gorgon story.

Yet another one goes on top of the leaning tower of ‘to re-read’ pile.

I’ve also dug out a hardcover of Derleth’s Sleep No More (Farrar & Rinehart, 1944) illustrated by Lee Coye which I’ll put up sometime. I’m not sure if there was ever a UK edition?

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