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Ghidalia & Elwood – The Venus Factor

Posted by demonik on December 1, 2009

Vic Ghidalia and Roger Elwood (eds.) – The Venus Factor (Nel, 1976. Originally USA, McFadden, 1972: Manor, 1973, 1977)

Cynthia Asquith – “God Grante That She Lye Stille”
Gertrude Atherton – The Foghorn
Agatha Christie – The Last Séance (The Woman Who Stole a Ghost)
Miriam Allen deFord – Against Authority
Zenna Henderson – J-Line to Nowhere
Anne McCaffrey – The Ship Who Disappeared
Rose Sharon [Judith Merril] – The Lady Was a Tramp
C. L. Moore – The Dark Land


A medium evokes a vision so real it threatens her very existence …

A dying woman is snatched into another time dimension ….

A long dead spirit fights to inhabit a living body ….

These are but a few of the chilling and gripping ideas contained in The Venus Factor, an anthology of science fiction stories written about women by some of the top women SF writers.

i’ve had enough arguments for one year, so i’ll leave you to decide for yourselves whether or not the Christie, Asquith and Atherton stories actually constitute “science fiction” ….

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Pierce Nace – Eat Them Alive

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Pierce Nace – Eat Them Alive (Nel, 1977)


A New Peak In Horror

Dyke Mellis hated the world with a passion; he was just waiting for a chance to strike back at the people who had ripped away his manhood and crippled his body. And then, that fateful day when Malpelo Island split open and the creatures emerged, his chance came – a bloodier and more terrible chance than he had ever dreamed of.

But as his dreadful plan began to work and his monstrous legion of bloodthirsty giants wreaked their terror he was faced with a new horror … would they destroy him before they reached his enemies ?

Read Vault Of Evil on Eat Them Alive here.

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