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Guy N. Smith – Snakes

Posted by demonik on June 19, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Snakes (New English Library, 1986)


“Slowly the snake slithered over his helpless body. Eyes, cold and unblinking, stared into his eyes. The long, long body dragged heavily across his throat. As he gulped in terror he could feel the dry rasp of scales against his Adam’s Apple.

Trapped, chest crushed, hands pinned behind the wheel of his truck, unable to tear at the creature, his mind shrivelled in impotent horror. Then, the sudden searing strike, the teeth sharp in his shoulder, the pain, the pain …”

Motorway Madness the papers called it once again. The piled burning cars and trucks. The blood and the wreckage. But this time there would be an added horror. Snakes. In transit and now escaping. Snakes that would coil and climb, creeping into garages, into houses, into bedrooms ….

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