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Bari Wood – The Tribe

Posted by demonik on April 8, 2012

Bari Wood – The Tribe  (NEL, Oct. 1982)

Hut 554 in Belzec Extermination Camp was different. The inmates were alive.
Shabby, pale, but in good health and well-stocked with food – official supplies that were better than even the German Army had by 1945.

But amongst the horror of the camp and the relief that some at least had sur­vived, one man noticed something strange about the Jews of Hut 554: a fine greyish dust that coated the interior and clung to their clothing. A small mystery that could be part of the big mystery: why had this one small group been kept carefully alive?
Thirty-five years later, in Brooklyn, police burst into the basement hideout -of a teenage gang. This time the in­mates were dead. Brutally killed, bat­tered to death and torn limb from limb. And again, amongst the bloodbath, something strange: a fine greyish dust, scattered and clinging to the bodies.

” . . an ultra-readable story of occult sus­pense.’    Daily Mirror

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‘Leslie McManus’ – Jackboot Girls

Posted by demonik on October 6, 2009

‘Leslie McManus’ – Jackboot Girls (New English Library, March 1971)




Hitler’s edict of “breed for Germany” went unheeded by the Wolverines. They had more brutal plans for their lithe and smouldering bodies. They wanted total victory over men.

The Wolverines belonged to an all-female S.S. battalion which operated according to the sexual, obsessions of its leader, Helga Schwartz. They were notorious interro­gators whose authority to enforce their perversions went unchallenged by their cowering victims. With their women prisoners they were sadistically inventive. With each other they were uninhibited. With men they were vile, crazed, uncontrollable.

JACKBOOT GIRLS brings to light the dark depravity that was Nazi Germany

Grief! well, it’s certainly HORRIBLE. see also Vault Of Evil’s Jackboot Girls thread

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