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Bari Wood – The Tribe

Posted by demonik on April 8, 2012

Bari Wood – The Tribe  (NEL, Oct. 1982)

Hut 554 in Belzec Extermination Camp was different. The inmates were alive.
Shabby, pale, but in good health and well-stocked with food – official supplies that were better than even the German Army had by 1945.

But amongst the horror of the camp and the relief that some at least had sur­vived, one man noticed something strange about the Jews of Hut 554: a fine greyish dust that coated the interior and clung to their clothing. A small mystery that could be part of the big mystery: why had this one small group been kept carefully alive?
Thirty-five years later, in Brooklyn, police burst into the basement hideout -of a teenage gang. This time the in­mates were dead. Brutally killed, bat­tered to death and torn limb from limb. And again, amongst the bloodbath, something strange: a fine greyish dust, scattered and clinging to the bodies.

” . . an ultra-readable story of occult sus­pense.’    Daily Mirror

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Charles L. Grant – In A Dark Dream

Posted by demonik on January 18, 2012

Charles L. Grant – In A Dark Dream   (NEL, 1990: originally TOR, 1989)


`Something bad coming. Something bad … ‘

She huddled, shivering and sobbing against her father.

`Something bad..’

The nightmare she could barely explain.

New England summer. School’s out and the small town waiting for the arrival of the summer people, the cottage owners. The months of swimming in the lake, cookouts, woodsmoke and summer love. The carefree time.

But something bad coming. Something twisted and vile, prefigured in dark, tormented dreams. Evil, tracking and sniffing its way towards them, slithering out of imagination into reality.

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Hans Heinrich Ziemann – The Explosion

Posted by demonik on November 13, 2011

Hans Heinrich Ziemann – The Explosion  (NEL, June 1979)

The scientists said it could never happen:
how wrong they were ….

On a hot July day in the heart of the Rhine valley; the GREATEST UNCONTROLLABLE ATOMIC REACTION happens.

“By an author who has plainly made a thorough study of the hazards of a nuclear explosion.
Definitely not a book for the squearnish”.- MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

Translated from the German by Joachim Neugroschel

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Paul Tabori – Erotic Victorian Fairy Tales

Posted by demonik on November 5, 2011

Paul Tabori – Erotic Victorian Fairy Tales  (NEL, 1971)

From the bawdy underground literature of a repressed era, some erotic gems that mock hypocrisy and uplift the Satyric spirit…

“The Chevalier remembered so well the lips, the velvety skin, the green of her eyes. And so he dreamt that night – a delicious wonderful dream in which she attended with sweet abandon to her bodice, her hoopskirt, her lacy petticoats and baptiste drawers, until finally her rosy purity shivered and burned in his arms. It was a prolonged and marvellous dream.”

PAUL TABORI is the wry and witty author of New English Library’s bestselling “Erotic Edwardian Fairy Tales” and “The First Time”.

Many thanks to Sarah of My Love Haunted Heart blog (again!)

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Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion

Posted by demonik on November 5, 2011

Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion   (NEL, 1969)

Sex and the Bed
Sex and the Corset
Shirt, Shift and Sex
Sex and Trousers
Stockings, Garters, Shoes and Sex

The never-before-told naked truth about fashion!

From the day man first put on the fig leaf to the era of the maxi-miniskirt, sex and fashion have become inextricably entwined.

Through the ages each item of dress – from corsets to stockings, boots to underwear – has its own history of abuse, romance, love – and lust.

In this unique studt, the author examines clothes both on and off the human body and comes up with a wealth of material, funny, outrageous, appalling and appealing.

Pault Tabori is an expert on sexology and the author of two other top-selling ‘bawdy histories’ TAKEN IN ADULTRY and SECRET AND FORBIDDEN.

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