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Mary Whitehouse – “Who Does She Think She Is?”

Posted by demonik on April 14, 2014

Mary Whitehouse – “Who Does She Think She Is?” (NEL, Jan. 1972)


No critic of television has ever been more widely read, criticised and talked about than Mary Whitehouse.

In this book she recounts the experiences which have come to someone who is prepared to set no limit upon their commitment to society.

Anyone who is concerned about the importance of individual freedom and who cares about problems of social and sexual morality must read this revealing book.

Malcolm Muggeridge says of Mrs. Whitehouse . . . “She is one of the remarkable women of our time, and this account of herself provides an opportunity to know and understand her better.”

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Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion

Posted by demonik on November 5, 2011

Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion   (NEL, 1969)

Sex and the Bed
Sex and the Corset
Shirt, Shift and Sex
Sex and Trousers
Stockings, Garters, Shoes and Sex

The never-before-told naked truth about fashion!

From the day man first put on the fig leaf to the era of the maxi-miniskirt, sex and fashion have become inextricably entwined.

Through the ages each item of dress – from corsets to stockings, boots to underwear – has its own history of abuse, romance, love – and lust.

In this unique studt, the author examines clothes both on and off the human body and comes up with a wealth of material, funny, outrageous, appalling and appealing.

Pault Tabori is an expert on sexology and the author of two other top-selling ‘bawdy histories’ TAKEN IN ADULTRY and SECRET AND FORBIDDEN.

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Francis King – Ritual Magic In England

Posted by demonik on April 29, 2011

Francis King – Ritual Magic In England: 1887 To The Present Day  (NEL, Dec. 1972)


From medieval times to modern day, the practices of magic and alchemy have been in the hands of some of the greatest occultists of our times.
The secret rites and conflicts have remained the sole knowledge of each cult, never to be seen by the outside world.
Now Francis King relates those secrets and conflicts, including the struggles of Aleister Crowley and W.B. Yeats within the infamous Order of The Golden Dawn; the goat-sacrificing mediums of Keighley, the left-handed Bengali Tantricists and the sexual magic of an American Mulatto.

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Daniel P. Mannix – The Hell Fire Club

Posted by demonik on October 22, 2009

Daniel P. Mannix – The Hell Fire Club (Four Square, 1961, reprinted 1962; originally Ballantine, 1959)


The rise and fall of a shocking secret society;
perversion and politics were its sole interests

It was the most infamous club the world has ever known.
Its meetings were held in ruined abbeys and elaborately obscene caves
Its member were high-placed politicians, landed gentry and famous men of the arts.

Its orgies and revels rocked the nation and caused the biggest riot in British history.
The story of the Hell-Fire Club. A story which has fascinated and repelled the world for two centuries.

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Lauran Paine – Witches In Fact And Fantasy

Posted by demonik on October 16, 2009

Lauran Paine – Witches In Fact And Fantasy (NEL, November 1976: First published in Great Britain by Robert Hale & Co. Ltd 1971)

Jacket design by Terry Griffiths

Jacket design by Terry Griffiths


From concepts of haggard old women astride broomsticks to innocent victims of brutal and terrifying witch hunts to harmless folk providing cures and foretelling the future. Lauran Paine has extracted the facts and produced a thoroughly authentic and fascinating account of witchcraft. Extensive research and use of much original material provides the basis for this study on the beliefs and fears, the charms and magic, and the different acts performed by and on witches throughout the ages, throughout the world. Witches in Fact and Fantasy pulls no punches. Often horrifying in its detail, it is always fascinating in its reality. To those who are sceptical about the existence of witches, this book may radically alter their views – and it will undoubtedly intrigue them.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for alerting us to the existence of this one, and for providing the cover scan!

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