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Cyril Donson – Draco The Dragon Man

Posted by demonik on June 7, 2014

Cyril Donson – Draco The Dragon Man   (NEL, Oct. 1974)


Damon Draycot had won world renown as a historian and archeologist. He made many television appearances and his athletic exploits were no less eagerly followed. He was well-known and respected on all sides.

His latest nine-month expedition was potholing in Texas. There were many miles of underground passages to explore for mineralogical, medical and historical facts — and simply to conquer. This proposed feat captures the public imagination, and many are there to wish Draycot luck.

What happens to him underground would not be wished on any other man. Thereafter his life was never to be the same; dogged by an unfathomable curse that led him to shun his fellow creatures, this innocent expedi­tion brought a nightmare of horror and evil into the light of day.

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M. G Lewis – The Monk

Posted by demonik on June 5, 2009

M. G Lewis – The Monk (New English Library, 1973)


The first ever Brit horror pulp? Probably not, but if you’re only going to read one Gothic novel, make sure it’s M. G. Lewis’s extraordinary romp. At the novel’s outset, Ambrosio is little short of a Saint on earth, but once he’s been seduced by novice Matilda – a demon in female guise – he embarks on a clandestine career that takes in murder, matricide, rape and incest and damns him to Hell. Meanwhile, a fine cast of Spectral, bleeding and pregnant Nuns, The Wandering Jew and the suitably grim agents of the Inquisition all play their part in keeping up the frantic pace right through to the terrifying climax. Incredibly, Lewis was just eighteen when he wrote this in 1797, having been influenced by the morbid fiction emanating from Germany and that other great, bloody Gothic, the Marquis de Sade’s Justine.

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