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Paul Tabori – Erotic Victorian Fairy Tales

Posted by demonik on November 5, 2011

Paul Tabori – Erotic Victorian Fairy Tales  (NEL, 1971)

From the bawdy underground literature of a repressed era, some erotic gems that mock hypocrisy and uplift the Satyric spirit…

“The Chevalier remembered so well the lips, the velvety skin, the green of her eyes. And so he dreamt that night – a delicious wonderful dream in which she attended with sweet abandon to her bodice, her hoopskirt, her lacy petticoats and baptiste drawers, until finally her rosy purity shivered and burned in his arms. It was a prolonged and marvellous dream.”

PAUL TABORI is the wry and witty author of New English Library’s bestselling “Erotic Edwardian Fairy Tales” and “The First Time”.

Many thanks to Sarah of My Love Haunted Heart blog (again!)

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Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel

Posted by demonik on October 27, 2011

Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel   (NEL, April 1976 )

A wave of sickening murders hits the streets of Paris. The bodies of beautiful women are being found, almost casually, in rivers or up back alleys, by passers-by. The corpses have been killed and mutilated with a brutality that rivals Jack the Ripper. Claude Delorme, of the special branch of Paris Sûret, faces growing pressure to solve these crimes as panic mounts daily among the Parisians.

But he is faced by a baffling lack of clues and suspects. After many false starts and near disaster he at last stumbles upon what seems to be the trail, yet it leads him to the twilight world of the supernatural. Those who dabble with the Occult he finds, are now playing with human lives. Against the shadow of menace that threatens not only Delorme, but the whole of Paris, police methods are useless. It can only be dealt with on its own terms.

Thanks to Sara of the very beautiful My Love Haunted Heart blog for providing cover scan, blurb and a super review.

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