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Laurence James – The Road

Posted by demonik on December 9, 2012

Laurence James – The Road   (NEL, 1983)


The girl, half-naked, eyes demurely downcast, barely flinched as the knife blade pressed caressingly into the soft skin of her right breast.

Around her the chanting had died away and the ritual, rhythmic circling was stilled. A bead of blood … and another, another, sudden and bright in the candlelight, trembled, then trickled down the smooth flesh, splashing silently into the copper bowl.

Then came the incantations. Then the caged wren, bird of prophecy, was released to fly into the early sun.

Later, alone at the wheel of his car, a man cried out in panic as the windscreen exploded back into his face. Behind him, fluttering and broken by the impact, a bird lay on the road.

This was the first death.

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James Moffatt – The Naked Light

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2009

James Moffatt – The Naked Light (New English Library, October, 1970)



A Satanic coven meets on the affluent slopes of Beverley Hills. The participants in the abominable rites are the biggest names in Hollywood.

An uninvited guest appears at the height of the drug-inspired orgy – a Mafia killer who really enjoys his work.

The police attempt to solve the enigma of the multiple murder – through a maze of black magic, torture and sudden death. An appalling exposure of the soft underside of Hollywood.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan and blurb.

See also The Naked Light thread on Vault of Evil.

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David Gurney – The Evil Under The Water

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

David Gurney – The Evil Under The Water (New English Library, July 1977)


A mysterious party had been held one Friday night, and all the signs pointed towards a horrific satanic ritual having taken place.

And then Julie Jordan was found to be missing, which to her boyfriend, Mike Benson, spelt disaster – for he knew about devil worship and the importance of virgin sacrifice, and Julie had been a virgin…

Then when Sergeant Willis was struck down by some strange force, the world’s leading organisations for the control of occultism were called in – but what could even they hope to do against the powers of the devil and the Evil Under the Water?


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Brian Ball – Devil’s Peak

Posted by demonik on May 28, 2009

Brian Ball – Devil’s Peak (NEL, 1972)


“while stranded in a transport cafe during a freak snowstorm, a man finds himself involved with Satanists”

Another that’s so for eluded me but fortunately not our more clued in members.  According to Justin Marriott: “A foolhardy student finds himself holed up in a remote roadside cafe on the Derbyshire hills during a huge snow-storm. Once again the plot leads to a single night during which the forces of evil are summoned, but this time the female vessel is a descendant of  local Satanists and totally knowing of her actions. Set in a claustrophobic greasy spoon with a small supporting cast of randy truck-drivers, quarrelling owners, a coach load of nubile schoolgirls and an annoying poodle, Devil’s Peak improves upon it’s predecessor by conjuring up a dizzying atmosphere of  impending doom and evil doing.” – Paperback Fanatic #7, 2007

See also Vault of Evil’s Brian Ball thread.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for supplying the scan and Brian Ball info!

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Jeffrey Konvitz – The Apocalypse

Posted by demonik on May 21, 2009

Jeffrey Konvitz – The Apocalypse (NEL, 1979)

She was the Sentinel, the living guardian of the gates of hell.

She was the sole barrier between humanity and the forces of satanic evil pent up since the Fall from Grace. Hers was the most terrible penance of all; chosen for her sins, she had been committed to a living death, a blind nightmare in which the only reality was the reality of her demonic adversary, and the awful powers she had been endowed with to constrain him.

Now her penance is nearly up. For Monsignor Franchino that means the resumption of the most dreadful task the Church has efver bestowed: once again he, and he alone, must find and commit a new victiom for the guardianship: knowing that at every step the powers of evil will battle to prevent the change-over.

For the Prince of Darkness it means a final chance to unleash His minions on the world, and begin at last His long awaited reign of evil.

For mankind it means …. THE APOCALYPSE

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