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Ghidalia & Elwood – The Venus Factor

Posted by demonik on December 1, 2009

Vic Ghidalia and Roger Elwood (eds.) – The Venus Factor (Nel, 1976. Originally USA, McFadden, 1972: Manor, 1973, 1977)

Cynthia Asquith – “God Grante That She Lye Stille”
Gertrude Atherton – The Foghorn
Agatha Christie – The Last Séance (The Woman Who Stole a Ghost)
Miriam Allen deFord – Against Authority
Zenna Henderson – J-Line to Nowhere
Anne McCaffrey – The Ship Who Disappeared
Rose Sharon [Judith Merril] – The Lady Was a Tramp
C. L. Moore – The Dark Land


A medium evokes a vision so real it threatens her very existence …

A dying woman is snatched into another time dimension ….

A long dead spirit fights to inhabit a living body ….

These are but a few of the chilling and gripping ideas contained in The Venus Factor, an anthology of science fiction stories written about women by some of the top women SF writers.

i’ve had enough arguments for one year, so i’ll leave you to decide for yourselves whether or not the Christie, Asquith and Atherton stories actually constitute “science fiction” ….

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Kingsley Amis – New Maps Of Hell

Posted by demonik on December 1, 2009

Kingsley Amis – New Maps Of Hell (Four Square, 1962)

STARTING POINTS: Definitions;  beginnings; Verne and Wells
THE SITUATION TODAY: Fantasy and space-opera; the magazines; readership; mass outlets
NEW LIGHT ON THE UNCONSCIOUS: Sex; horror; insecurity; rural nostalgia; activism; science and art; religion and religiosity
UTOPIAS  I:  Sex, colonialism; politics and conformism
UTOPIAS 2: The dangers of technology; comic infernos; the science-fiction character; deflation
PROSPECTS: Cosmic disasters; idea as hero; puzzles; limitations; possibilities
Index Of Names & Titles.

A voyage, with Kingsley Amis as guide, through the fan­tastic world of science fiction – past, present and future.
He surveys the magnificent panorama of this world of fantasy and science fiction, of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, of madly ingenious inventions and cosmic disaster, of bug-eyed monsters and credible human experiments, of revolutionary inventions and awesome transformations, of exploration of the outer reaches of space, and of strange worlds within the universe.
With characteristic humour, acute analysis and superb writing, he provides the general public with a fascina­ting explanation of this vast field of literature, and the enthusiast with new insights into his favourite reading.

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Stephen King – The Tommyknockers

Posted by demonik on July 14, 2009

Stephen King – The Tommyknockers (New English Library, 1989)



Everything was familiar but everything hod changed. The people, his old friend Bobbi, even her decrepit, ageing beagle.

Coming back to the little community had been like walking into a nightmare.

It all looked the same, the house, the furniture, Bobbi herself, the woods out at the back.

But it was in the woods that she had stumbled over the odd, nearly buried object, had felt a peculiar tingle as she knelt down and brushed the soft earth away.

And looking back, that had been the start of  the terrible, terrifying transformation of a quiet, unremarkable place into something utterly alien and hideous. A place of unrest and insane powers.

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Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout (New English Library, 1979)


Saxonbury is a pleasant English market town: medieval church, seventeenth-century town houses, a new estate, a gleaming, ultra-modern computer factory. But Liz Ambler senses what lies beneath its placid surface, as her interest in the romantic past draws her helplessly towards the deep-buried secrets of a crueller age.

While his wife is obsessed with the past, Roger Ambler is totally involved in the EKO 6 computer, the key to the future and the culmination of his research. Now EKO 6 is ready for trials, waiting for the vital pulse of the electrons to throb through its circuits and awaken – what?

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan and blurb

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Richard Bachman – The Running Man

Posted by demonik on June 18, 2009

Richard Bachman – The Running Man (New English Library, 1983)


Every night they tuned into the nation’s favourite prime-time TV game show. They all watched the ultimate live death game as the contestants tried to beat not the clock, but annihilation at the hands of the Hunters. Now there was a new contestant, the latest Running Man, staking his life while a nation watched.

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