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Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion

Posted by demonik on November 5, 2011

Paul Tabori – Dress and Undress: The Sexology of Fashion   (NEL, 1969)

Sex and the Bed
Sex and the Corset
Shirt, Shift and Sex
Sex and Trousers
Stockings, Garters, Shoes and Sex

The never-before-told naked truth about fashion!

From the day man first put on the fig leaf to the era of the maxi-miniskirt, sex and fashion have become inextricably entwined.

Through the ages each item of dress – from corsets to stockings, boots to underwear – has its own history of abuse, romance, love – and lust.

In this unique studt, the author examines clothes both on and off the human body and comes up with a wealth of material, funny, outrageous, appalling and appealing.

Pault Tabori is an expert on sexology and the author of two other top-selling ‘bawdy histories’ TAKEN IN ADULTRY and SECRET AND FORBIDDEN.

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David Gurney – The Necrophiles

Posted by demonik on June 16, 2009

David Gurney [Patrick Bair] – The Necrophiles: A Modern Essay In The Macabre (New English Library, 1969) [Hardcover]


Nope, i’ve still not got hold of a copy and my knowledge of Mr. ‘Gurney’s censor-baiting follow up to The F-Certificate is gleaned entirely from fleeting references in Paperback Fanatic and this note, posted by Steve on Vault MK 1 (who may or may not have provided the cover scan – i’m no longer sure!).

“It looks like Necrophiles was published by New English Library in 1969, 222 pp. A “Macabre tale of necrophilia and sordid debauchery” I’m informed.

A description I found of a later Pyramid edition mentions; “Orgies, incest, drugs, homosexuality. All the spicy things in culture.”

One bookseller describes it thus: “A group of English kids start exploring their sexuality in the woods, only to take a perverse turn that involves raiding mortuaries. It just gets more bizarre from there!”

Form an orderly queue please gents…”

Like he said.

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