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Simon Clark – Nailed By The Heart

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2010

Simon Clark – Nailed By The Heart (NEL, 1995)

Cover: Steve Crisp


When Chris and Ruth Stainforth move to a pleasant coastal village to start a new life with their six-year-old son, David, it seems like a dream come true. Or so they think.
But they have no way of knowing that the village was once a sacred site for the old religion. And that the old God is not dead ‑ just waiting.

Already its Power stirs, changing supernaturally what it touches. It ought to herald the dawn of an age of miracles. But when the Power arouses the sleeping
horror-cargo of a ship that sank thirty years ago, the magic is tainted. And Chris, Ruth and David find themselves right in the path of a living-dead nightmare made all too murderously real …

NAILED BY THE HEART is the supercharged novel of relentless occult menace by one of the most powerful new talents on today’s horror fiction scene.

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Simon Clark – Darker

Posted by demonik on June 11, 2009

Simon Clark – Darker (New English Library, 1994)

Steve Crisp

Steve Crisp

Video scriptwriter Richard Young is looking forward to a week at home with his wife and their little daughter. He thinks it’s going to be a pleasant time of barbecues and lazy summer days. It isn’t.
Because the stranger who arrives at their home, begging to be driven to the nearest police station, is being hunted. Hunted by something that cannot be seen, cannot be heard — yet which has the power to move across the land crushing flat everything in its path. Stalking — and killing — remorselessly.
Within minutes, Richard Young, his family and the stranger (who is not the innocent victim he seems) are being pursued relentlessly by a malignant occult force that pounds and pulps its victims like the Hammer of God itself  …

Simon Clark’s website: Nailed By The Heart

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Stephen King – ‘Salem’s Lot

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2009

Stephen King – ‘Salem’s Lot (New English Library, 1977)

Salem's Lot, 1977

Salem's Lot, 1977


” …. enough blood, demons and terror to give the most doubting reader the shivers ….” – Manchester Evening News.

That dismal excuse for a cover! You seriously wonder if NEL had any faith in Salem’s Lot replicating the success of Carrie – or maybe they realised they could dress King up in any old tat and his novels would fly off the shelves regardless? Top read, mind.

Salem's Lot, 1983

Tim White cover illustration, Salem's Lot, 1983

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