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Babs Deal – The Crystal Mouse

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Babs Deal – The Crystal Mouse (New English Library, 1974)



When her husband Howard died Sarah decided to continue living in the new appartment they had bought for their retirement years. She did this knowing hers was the only occupied flat in a vast tower block, a clollection of luxurious but empty flats.

The lonely days that followed were easy to fill, with lunches, telephone calls, visits to the shops and friends. And there were always the memories to keep her company. It was the nights that presented the challenge, the encroaching encirclement of fear. A fear that had its roots in nothing, its structure in trivialities. Yet to Sara it was as real as her life, as her crystal mouse.

The mouse was the prize piece of her crystal collection, her protector over the years. To find it broken one day was just another incident, yet precipitated Sara into that headlong flight into fear ….

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the covers can and blurb

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Raymond Hawley – Side Effect

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Raymond Hawley – Side Effect (New English Library, 1980)



‘A tremendously exciting read, backed up with all sorts of chillingly precise scientific data’ – Daily Express’

‘A high-class thriller which grips like the forceps in the hands of an insane medico’ – The Guardian

‘A clever, fast-moving and horribly possible story, with the nastiest twist in its tail I’ve ever met’ – Daily Telegraph

`Frightening… faultless… stylish in the way that Deighton, Le Carre and Greene are stylish’ – Dublin Evening Herald

‘Escalates from horror to horror …. ends with a pay-off that cuts like a razor blade’ – Daily Mirror

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Trevor Ellison – The Theta Syndrome

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Trevor Ellison – The Theta Syndrome (New English Library, 1978)

Design Terry Griffiths: Photograph Jean-Pierre Trevor

Design Terry Griffiths: Photograph Jean-Pierre Trevor



Claudia, victim of an unexplained road accident, Iies in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital, the monitor screen above her bed slowing hour by hour into the theta region, the twilight zone of the unknown. Surgeons work day and night for her survival, but the danger isn’t in here; it’s out there …

… Where the instrument in the surgeon’s hand flashes under the glare of the theatre lights as he sags to the floor, dying …
… Where a nurse involuntarily scribbles frantic appeals for help which she cannot explain …
… Where a child suddenly screams as the red crayon slashes across her colouring book; a smashed car … rats in a cage … a woman’s face.

In the intensive care unit Claudia lies surrounded by the most sophisticated equipment devised for the saving of human life. But it isn’t enough, because someone is coming and only Claudia’s silently screaming brain can say who.

Skilful Psychological Thriller – Yorkshire Post

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Peter Haining – The Hero

Posted by demonik on June 1, 2009

Peter Haining [Terry Harknett] – The Hero (New English Library, 1975).



The place and the threat is China. The weapon is nuclear and deadly. In the secret organizations that operate behind every government the fear was how to eliminate the weapon without shattering the balance of power between East and West.

Richard Soulgrove is the man chosen for the mission. Aged 31, shy, anonymous, undistinguished in any field except that he can speak Chinese. He is taken from his peaceful existence as a civil servant and thrust into a long and dangerous assignment. An assignment where he has to learn to play the Hero. To develop the capacity for killing, and to learn how to live with the shadow of constant fear and imminent death.

It could fall to any one of us to play the Hero, to learn to take the Hero’s fate.

Less horror credentials than even Boot-Boys, included here purely on the strength of it being written by Peter Haining ….. even though it wasn’t!

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Gerard de Villiars – SAS: Black Magic In New York

Posted by demonik on May 21, 2009

Gerard de Villiars – SAS: Black Magic In New York (NEL, 1970) [Translated by Nicholas Leonard]

Black Magic in New York

Black Magic in New York

Behind the dazzling, frantic world of New York’s discotheques and penthouse bedrooms, a group of black magicians are beginning their dark ritual. The pentagram’s are drawn and the right spells cast. They are divining who His Serene Highness Prince Malko Linge really is.

Special Agent Malko claims he’s one of the CIA’s top men; Others say he was – and maybe still is – one of Heinrich Himmler’s SS boys.

Between the slander and the truth, lies the lovely young millionairess Sabrina. And she knows Malko more intimately than anyone …

BLACK MAGIC IN NEW YORK is the third in the SAS series of bestseIling spy thrillers, whose film and TV rights have been bought by the Harold Robbins Company. Other titles published by New English Library are SAS VERSUS THE CIA and WEST OF JERUSALEM

Thanks to Dave [H. P. Saucecraft] for the cover scan and blurb!

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