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Guy N. Smith – Warhead

Posted by demonik on May 29, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Warhead (New English Library, 1981)

voodoo nuclear destruction

voodoo nuclear destruction



The overwhelming power of the dark gods of Voodoo.
He knew about that — everyone in Haiti knew. And feared.
He knew that a man could try to use that power, could summon it but would lose control to it. Once he had tried and a man, a friend, had died, seared and blackened,
by the white heat of the Voodoo fire.
But there was another power that could destroy utterly. Created by man, it lay dormant but always ready. Underground, fuelled and targeted, it lurked in secret launch silos.
Both powers were attended by ritual, watched over by a secret band of guardians. And if those two powers should ever come together there would be no future beyond an unending instant of total agony.
Now the point of final fusion had been chosen and the countdown had begun.

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Robert Lory – The Drums Of Dracula

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

Robert Lory – The Drums Of Dracula (NEL, Feb. 1976)

Robert Lory - The Drums Of Dracula

Robert Lory - The Drums Of Dracula


Jenny Harmon, Professor Harmon’s young niece, is staying in Jamaica to study the mysterious and infamous cult of voodoo. But her investigations anger the hostile followers of the forbidden religion. She is kidnapped — and a ransom note is delivered to her uncle demanding $500,000 or she will die screaming!

Only a power of greater evil than those of the voodoo witchdoctors and their terrible zombie slaves can save young Jenny. Dr Harmon is forced once again to turn to Count Dracula for aid — the most dreaded creature of the night, the greatest vampire of all, whom Dr Harmon has resurrected through his great knowledge.

A violent battle for supremacy is played out against the throbbing of voodoo drums and the dark Caribbean night.

Review by Franklin Marsh:

We’re off to Jamaica for some voodoo in this one. Sound ridiculous? It is but Lory somehow keeps it compelling. Just like the Hammer Draculas you wish the Count had more …er…page time. Lory is on top form whenever the Lord of the Vampires is around. He’s used sparingly though but to very good effect. Our heroine Jenny arrives on the island, upsets the locals within minutes, changes into a skimpy bathing costume, is caught by the voodooists and chained up naked. You can’t ask for much more than this. Lory deflects accusations of sexism by having Cam captured and chained up naked too. At last – equality in exploitation! Tops for atmosphere and zips along faster than you can query any plot holes. Dracula may be on the side of the good guys but he still exudes evil given a chance.

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