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Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder

Posted by demonik on May 24, 2011

Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder   (New English Library, 1975)


No 3 in the imaginative and passionate series of the Restoration Period.

One-time pirates Sir Harry Strang and the Earl of Rochester return from their high-sea adventures to take to the waters at fashionable Deal. They discover that a local witch hunt is on and every beautiful young maiden in the district is under suspicion.

Only the torturing implements of the Witchfinder reveal the true identity of a witch. Sir Harry and his friend witness much human misery when they are asked to help a young woman , suspected of being in league with the devil …

thanks to Vault long time man Killercrab for providing the scan and blurb. According to KC, the other titles in the NEL Restoration Series are Sword of Vengeance and Dark Lady.

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Lauran Paine – Witches In Fact And Fantasy

Posted by demonik on October 16, 2009

Lauran Paine – Witches In Fact And Fantasy (NEL, November 1976: First published in Great Britain by Robert Hale & Co. Ltd 1971)

Jacket design by Terry Griffiths

Jacket design by Terry Griffiths


From concepts of haggard old women astride broomsticks to innocent victims of brutal and terrifying witch hunts to harmless folk providing cures and foretelling the future. Lauran Paine has extracted the facts and produced a thoroughly authentic and fascinating account of witchcraft. Extensive research and use of much original material provides the basis for this study on the beliefs and fears, the charms and magic, and the different acts performed by and on witches throughout the ages, throughout the world. Witches in Fact and Fantasy pulls no punches. Often horrifying in its detail, it is always fascinating in its reality. To those who are sceptical about the existence of witches, this book may radically alter their views – and it will undoubtedly intrigue them.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for alerting us to the existence of this one, and for providing the cover scan!

see also the Witches In Fact And Fantasy thread on the Vault forum

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Richard Bachman – Thinner

Posted by demonik on August 10, 2009

Richard Bachman – Thinner (New English Library, 1986)



THINNER – the old gipsy man barely whispered the word. Billy felt the touch of a withered hand, gentle on his cheek.
Billy Halleck, prosperous if overweight citizen, happily married, shuddered, then turned angrily away. The old woman’s death had been none of his fault. The court had  cleared him. She’d just stumbled in front of his car. Now he simply wanted to forget the whole messy business.

Later, when the scales told him he was losing weight, it was what the doctor had ordered. His wife was pleased – as he should have been.

THINNER -the word, the old man’s curse, had lodged in his mind like a fattening worm, eating away at his flesh, at his reason. And with his despair came violence.

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Jane Hammond – Witch Of The White House

Posted by demonik on June 10, 2009

Jane Hammond  – Witch Of The White House (New English Library, 1977)


Blurb from Robert Hale hardcover edition, 1976

The storm lashed the Cornish coast as Vashti was born. Hester Trevanion died but her child grew into a wild, dark creature, headstrong and arrogant. Taken under the evil dominance of Madgy Figgy, soon Vashti was sharing her reputation as a witch. Ruth Tregenna comes to the White House to save Vashti but they clash and then Ruth falls for handsome John Standish. Vashti is jealous and steals him from her – abandoning him with callous indifference as the sinister magnetism of Tregeseal reminds her she cannot be freed from her past. John vows to bring them both to the rope, but before Ruth can find happiness with John she must free Vashti …..

Quite disappointing when you find out that this isn’t  what you expected from the title! Embarassingly, I don’t know who to credit for this cover scan as i’ve not been able to locate the original post on Vault. Sincere apologies, and i’ll add the name just as soon as i find it.

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Peter Stafford – The Wild White Witch

Posted by demonik on June 7, 2009

Peter Stafford [Paul Tabori] – The Wild White Witch (New English Library, 1973: 1979)



A scream…

It was a cry of agony torn from a human throat yet inhuman in its wordless despair. Whoever uttered it had abandoned all hope and relinquished all faith in rescue or mercy. The sound stopped so abruptly that it seemed as if the tongue of the sufferer had been torn out by the roots.

In terror and frantic haste Jeremy began to search the wall in front of him and found two primitive images drawn in faded charcoal: a crude, diamond-shaped representation of the female sex, with dull red lines radiating from it like the rays of the sun, and next to it, in the same schematic manner, a large pointed, dagger-like phallus.

With a slight grating noise a section of the wall swung in and down, disclosing a slablike threshold that bridged a deep rock chamber. From the black depths a faint, reddish light filtered upward. Jeremy could distinguish a sound, halfway between a chant and murmur.

It took a few moments before his eyes became accustomed to the dimness and he could focus on the spectacle below him. He could not see the entire expanse of the chamber, but what he could make out was sufficient to chill his blood and nearly stop his heart!

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan

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