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Michael Slade – Cutthroat

Posted by demonik on June 17, 2009

Michael Slade – Cutthroat (New English Library, 1993)

Chris Moore

Chris Moore

In 1876 naturalist Francis Parker makes an extraordinary discovery before losing his life – and the evidence – in the horrific carnage of the Little Big Horn.

In 1987 Judge Hutton Murdoch is addressing the American Bar Association when his brain is blown apart by a high-velocity bullet. Two days later a second judge is pondering a complex point of law when a masked intruder slits his throat from ear to ear.

The hunt for an ingenious and brutal killer soon becomes a desperate search for the missing link between these apparently unconnected events. A search that will lead to a company engaged in bizarre genetic experiments, a sinister Chinese family with a centuries-old obsession – and ultimately to the horrifying secrets of man’s earliest beginnings.

‘There is no safety for the reader in a Michael Slade book’ – VancouverĀ  Magazine
‘A master of horror’ – Toronto Sunday Sun

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